Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

First off... WOW.  2 Months since I last blogged.  What's wrong with me? Actually here's what's wrong... I'm addicted to facebook and I've been writing in my personal journal.  Add that to my crazy life and the result is no blog.

But I'm going to try and start this new year off right...
Me and Chris discussed resolutions a couple nights ago.

The conversation went a bit like this.
Me: Are you doing resolutions?
Chris: Maybe.

Okay, so maybe that wasn't really discussing it.  We did talk about losing weight and ate a pint of ice cream each yesterday to kick off our eating healthy/diets. Fun huh?

This blog isn't about resolutions though.  I kinda want to really ponder the topic and set some good realistic ones that I will adhere to.  I want to establish some new habits and such.

What this blog is about is our budget.  We really need to break it down, figure it out, and talk about it.  Way easier said than done.  Money is not a favorite topic of ours.  Not that we fight about it, or argue or anything.  We just don't usually talk that much about it. But this year, that is going to change.

I'm making a budget notebook.  In our budget notebook will be our budget (obviously), some $ goals we'd like to reach this year, a debt reduction plan, and some other fun stuff.

I'm excited to go make it. We're moving this notebook and our little filing cabinet to our room by Chris's desk so we can both find it any time we want and know where we stand $ wise. It should help us out I think, I hope.

So my wise family/friends reading this, what budget tricks do you do to keep ya in line? Please share. I'm all ears!