Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The best band EVER

I have stuck by my favorite band pretty hard over the past 10 years. I LOVED Staind. I really did. But they have been de-throned in the last 12 months. At first I felt like I was cheating... But I'm over that now. I still love Staind. But my new Favorite band is...


They kick BOO-TAY! I liked them before, but last October a friend gave us tickets to see them in concert at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville. It tied for my favorite concert EVER (Incubus is also number one in that spot. Heck, Incubus is probably my 2nd favorite band. Then maybe the Killers. I should make a list.) Anywho - The concert was great. They sound AMAZING live. Better than their cd's, which is rare now-a-days. With so much computer generated junk, no one ever sounds the same live. But they are Superb!

My Favorite songs are (in no particular order...) (Some of these songs may have bad words or lyrics not suitable for kids. Just thought I'd let you know!)

WooHoo - My 3rd favorite at the moment, The Bucket, Soft, Day Old Blues, Four Kicks, Knocked Up - My 2nd favorite, Charmer, On Call - GREAT SONG, My Party, Ragoo, Fans, Arizona - My #1 Favorite, Crawl, Sex on Fire, Use somebody, Manhattan, I want you, Happy Alone, California Waiting, Molly Chambers, Genius, King of the Rodeo, Slow Night So long

So, I think it's IMPOSSIBLE for these guys to write a bad song. They are great musicians and together they sound awesome. Anyways... The reason for this blog is

The "Kings" are moving on up. This october they will at the Sommet Center! I'm totally going to get there HOURS early to wait in line to hopefully be one of the first ones in so we can be right in front of the stage. It's hard to do general admission when you're so short... But it's so much better on the floor! It's going to be an awesome show. Yay for me and Chris - we're going to see a great great show!

Relax, just do it.

Today was a bit nuts, as most days are in my life.

My 2 girls had their 2 year and 9 month dr appts today. Taylor's measurements are 25 lbs. 8 oz. (29%), 33 1/4 in. (23%). Maddie is 16 lbs. 12.1 oz (13%) and only 25 1/2 in. long (2%) She is a teeny tiny little thing. Both girls have HUGE heads. They did get shots... Taylor's been doing fine, but Maddie has a fever, and has had funky diapers, so I'm a bit worried, but hopefully she'll be fine. Taylor did a perscription for her excema... I just can't get it under control with over the counter stuff. And we also got a different referal to get her eye fixed, but we're going to wait til next year cause she'll have to have surgery (outpatient) and we can't afford it right now. But the doc said that's fine as long as her eye doesn't get infected. So we're watching it.

Both girls screamed just abotu the entire time. It was pretty rough. The nurses and doctors helped me alot by watching which ever girl was not being seen. I handled it alright enough I think, for being there alone. I'm not sure if we'll do it that way again. I don't think we'll really have to though. Hopefully.

After their appts, I had an appointment of my own. I got a massage. It was wonderful. I felt GREAT afterwards. I'm definately going to get more. It was SO relaxing. My shoulders and neck and back felt great. I'm a bit tense right now... but it's cause i'm sitting hunched over on the floor typing on the laptop cause the internet is out on my computer. Anyway

I'm up getting my to-do to-done. Now that I'm relaxed, I'm working on getting stuff sorted and cleaned and just plain done and organized. I'm planning a little conference at church, a baby shower, and getting ready to put my hats into a store. It's getting a bit nuts. But I love it. I'm trying to stay busy with the girls too. This week, we're going to camp out in the back yard, maybe go to a party, Start going to this stroller club (exercise), go to member morning at the zoo, and story times, maybe a tumble weeds class... and who knows what else. I love getting things done, and doing fun things with my girls. We're having a great summer so far (despite the heat) and i'm so excited for the rest of it. I LOVE SUMMER!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the Daddys

Happy Daddy's day to my wonderful husband. You're the best daddy our girls have :) Just teasing. You're the best daddy EVER (besides ours, of course.)
And to the best Grandpa and Papa in the world... We love you. Happy Father's day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

101 things to do....

Here's the website...


Here's my goal...

Get them all done (what I can with the girls... some things are geared more towards older children) by the end of the summer.

I love me some summer!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9 Months Old

I can't believe Madison is 9 months old already. It seems like she was born last month. It also seems like in the past week or two she's turn into this whole other person. She went from being a baby to almost a toddler overnight. Here's a little about my 9 month old Maddie. As you can see... she takes the BEST pictures. I've never seen a baby smile the way Maddie does. She doesn't just smile with her mouth. It's like her whole countenance lights. She has the sweetest personality. There's something very special about Madison. I can't to watch her grow up.
Maddie is not really eating baby food anymore. She's ready to eat what everyone else is eating. She gets frustrated with me if I'm eating something different than her. I can sometimes get away with giving her a fruit or veggie baby food, but most of the time, she eats what we eat. And she's good at it too. She's great at chewing her food, or gnawing on it. And it's much easier on me :)
Maddie has her ears pierced now. :) We did them last Friday. Taylor had hers done at only 4 months, but with Maddie, timing was just off and so we hadn't had them done yet. I had the chance on Friday to get them done and I took it! I think they look awesome! She was STILL mistaken for a boy though... She was wearing a pink shirt, red skirt, and had her earrings in. People don't think before they speak.
Maddie is a crawling pro now (video coming soon.) The only thing I'm nervous about is stairs. I still feel uncomfortable letting Taylor go up and down stairs by herself. So Maddie makes me super nervous. She's cruising too. Not a lot yet, but some. She loves to pull up and stand... She's been doing that for well over a month now. And she'll walk if she's holding on to your hands. I think she's ready to be able to keep up with her sister.
I think Maddie may walk a bit early, but she definately won't talk early. She's only got one word so far, and she's only said it about 3 times. Her first word is "MAMA!" I think it's wonderful :) Taylor said bubba first (for dada) and I know most kids do, but Maddie is a mama's girl so it's fitting. Maddie does know a little sign though. She can say "more". We're working on eat, please and milk. I think that's probably all we'll teach her though. She can also do "touchdown" and clap. Oh, and she'll do the hand motions for itsy bitsy spider.
Maddie has her 2 first teeth. The only thing is they are on either side of her two front teeth (on top) so she's going to look a bit like a vampire for a little while. Her teeth took me by suprise cause Taylor didn't have any til 14 months. I figured Maddie would get them late too, but they're coming. I think her two front teeth will be in soon. It looks like they're trying to come in.
Madison and her daddy have become much closer lately with me working. She is also learning she doesn't have to be held 24/7. I think being able to get around a bit has helped with that. I'm so glad my maddie is growing. Every once in a while, for a millisecond... no, a nano second... I'll miss her being a teeny tiny baby. Then I get excited for what's to come. It'll be awesome to watch her and Taylor running around together playing(and fighting.)
Only 3 more months til my baby is 1 year old. It's hard to believe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Turball Twos Continued

Okay, So these pictures are random ones of Taylor recently. Here's Taylor and Isaac (sorry it's not flipped right.) Isaac was hanging out over here the day after his little brother was born. I tried to get them to take a nap like this, but no way! It wasn't going to happen. They like playing together too much!

I just took this one today. Taylor fell asleep behind me watching Tarzan (or as she calls it now, monkeys!)

Taylor is like her daddy in so many ways. Ever since she was born, her and him have slept just alike. I'm not kidding... they both sleep with arms in crazy places!

Taylor got new baby stuff for her birthday and LOVES to play mommy. I guess she's paying more attention to me than I realize. She came up and told me that the baby was hungry! I tried to get one with her eyes open, but I couldn't get it!

Taylor's cousin Katie has become her new BEST friend. All day long Taylor says "Hey, Katie?" she follows her around everywhere... she loves to lay down on the couch where katie's sleeping and cuddle with Katie's bear and pillow. Taylor simply ADORES her cousin Katie. She's a big fan of Katie's mom Jamie too!

This little girl has been wearing herself out lately. I think with the summer and heat, she's been sleeping more. This night, she had told us she wanted to give grandma one more hug before bed. She crawled right up to grandma, and fell asleep, mid hug!

Taylor's other best friend is Isaac. Atleast once a day she asks if we're going to see Isaac. It's a huge treat for her to play with him. They play pretty well together most of the time, but sometimes they do fight. My favorites are when they get mad at each other and start shouting "No Sir!" or "Quiet!" back and forth. They also try to give each other time outs!

This picture has a story behind it. If you're reading my blog, then you probably know about the little boy who passed away recently. He was very close to my family. Well, the night of his wake, I had gotten both the girls ready, and was trying to get myself ready before chris got home. I had the girls in the bathroom with me while I was curling my hair. When I turned around... this is what I saw. Keep in mind that I was a blubbery mess at the time. I just had to laugh at this though. It was one of those, "It could only happen to me" moments.

You can't see it but Maddie has baby powder ALL over behind and head too!

Now that Maddie's getting bigger, Her and Taylor and Isaac are playing a little bit more together. I'm glad Taylor has a sister and a great cousin so close! Who knows what kind of crazy mischief these 3 (4 now with cole) will get into one day!)

I love Taylor's hair. I think it is beautiful. It's often in her face though. But I can't bring myself to get it cut. I just can't. Those curls are some of the prettiest curls I've ever seen. I don't know what to do. I have to fix her hair everyday! I'm thinking about maybe getting it trimmed (not cut) to see if that could help. Any suggestions?

So I guess the nap time on the game chair is becoming a routine! Hey, I don't really care where she sleeps!!! as long as she sleeps!

These are not bruises. Taylor LOVES make up and had gotten into my eye shadow and blush and stuff. She can be so girly at times. She loves to pretend to put on your make up... and she's really good at it too. She's suprized me with how soft she'll do it. she does my eyebrows, eyeshadow, even eye liner! I enjoy her girly side!

Taylor's looks crack me up. Nothing compares to her evil eyes. And her funny faces are the best. She's got such a great sense of humor.

Taylor is the light of my life and I'm so blessed to have such a fun little girl. We have our days where we butt heads... We're both stubborn to the core. But we have great days too where we can play and laugh and honestly enjoy being together. I never knew you could love someone so much until I had Taylor. I knew Taylor was supposed to come. I prayed for her. A week later my prayer was answered and Chris and I were pregnant. I'm constantly in awe of her and her amazing spirit. I know she's going to grow to be a strong woman. No one will push her around. She is a spitfire. But she has the most loving and sweet side too. There have been a few times when I've been scared or sad and crying and Taylor will come up and give me a hug and say "I love you mommy." She knows how to brighten my day! I adore her and I'm so glad she's mine.
Taylor - You rock!

Turball Two's!

Sorry to write it like that... but that's how Chris says it now. He told me God told him to say it like that from now on. :) He's on this weird kick where every time he does something, he says God told him too. I swear it's like I'm married to an 8 year old sometimes :) But I love it. And I love him...
Anyways... back to Taylor's Super Awesome, Kickin "Two-she", Birthday Party(ies)
First, I'll start with her ACTUAL birthday. We were on Florida for her birthday, and it was our last day there. So half of her day was spent in the car on the drive home (sad) but I think she had a great time. Because we were in a hotel room, we decided to stop by publix and just buy some slices of cake. We also bought a candle and a couple presents (wrapped in grocery sacks.)
Her evil eyes because we sang Happy Birthday to her!

Okay, so I just accidentally deleted this picture... taylor's next gift was a plush mickey mouse!

Next comes the "Party" at my parents. We never really had cake and ice cream with them... But they went on ahead and let Taylor open her presents... and boy were there ALOT of them. That's what happens when your from a big family.

Doesn't my dad look like the bad guy in iron man!

I was pretending to sleep on her new sleeping bag and pillow... she's trying to wake me up.

Thank you so much to my family for her gifts. She plays with her new toys daily and the clothes are so cute. :) We appreciate it.

And now, for her other "party." She told me she wanted Mickey Mouse! So I made her a Mickey Mouse cake, and toodles too! Savannah and Katie decorated for me! It looked awesome girls. We had a Mickey Mouse pinata. Instead of party hats, there were Mouse ears! That was one of my favorite parts. I think it was a great party. She got some way fun gifts from that side of the family too! Thanks everyone for her gifts. She loves to play with them all! I keep wanting to go through her toys and get rid of some stuff, but she's so good about playing with everything... I can't! Anyways... here's those pics too.

I have NO idea what she's doing here, but it's funny!

So that was Taylor's birthdays. I can't believe she's two... Coming next - Taylor now!