Friday, April 6, 2012

A BiG step up

Big Brand Imaging Group

As most of you know, Chris works for Brand Imaging Group (formerly known as fastsigns, they's still affiliated with them though.) There are lots of things in the works to expand BiG and lots of changes that will be happening at his work in the next year or so. Chris comes home excitedly telling me about some of them(the ones he's allowed to ;).  But recently he told me some of the best news!

Chris's boss has turned in his 2 week notice and will be leaving BiG. They are promoting Chris to his position! It will mean more responsibility but also a nice pay increase and Chris will get his own office! (He's never had his own office before)

I am SO proud of Chris and grateful for all his hard work. This promotion couldn't come at a better time, with us buying a house and my health issues. It's a sign to me that Heavenly Father knows us, loves us and is watching out for us.

Congratulations Handsome! You deserve it!