Monday, June 30, 2008

Chatanooga Trip Coming Soon.

Krystin, and anyone else interested, We were trying to plan to go to chatanooga either the last saturday in july or the first saturday in August. Either one would be good for us and this way hopefully you aren't working one of those days.

Anyone else interested is more than welcome to come... there really isn't room in our car to car pool... sorry. But it should only take a tank of gas! Still $40-$50, but hey, it's the only vacay we'll get this summer. I'm so excited to go, especially if we're able to go with family and friends. :) It can be like a reunion tour thing or something krystin... Like when we went to atlanta and six flags and ruby falls... Anywho. Let me know if you'd like to go or what day would be good!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

More adventures with Taylor

I have been meaning to post a few pictures recently and I just haven't done it yet. These first few pictures are from one morning last week. When we get up in the morning, I usually put taylor in my bed and let her watch cartoons while I sleep for another 30 minutes or so. Taylor got ahold of a pen that morning while I was Napping and colored all over herself. She was SO proud. When I woke up and looked over at her, she held her foot up in front of my face for me to see her wonderful artistic efforts. I couldn't be mad. She's just too cute.

Can you just tell how proud she is?

All over her foot! Her foot looks so big in this picture.Her belly got some coloring too...

The picture below are of taylor sleeping. So I do realize in most of the picture on here, my daughter is naked. I do want you all to know she doesn't run around without clothes on all the time. For some reason, that's just when I happen to get my camera out. Please don't call DCS... :) Taylor sleeps EXACTLY like her dad does. He always has an arm or two up over his head. He can't stand to have them down at his sides or anything. And Taylor's the same way. And, I have never seen anything more perfect in my entire life than Taylor peacefully napping! My daughter is absolutely gorgeous. And I've very biased!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy Bee Neelys!

It seems like this week has been BUSY BUSY BUSY. Yesterday was by far the BUSIEST day I've had in a LONG time. Monday started rather slow... I didn't have much going on... but I didn't want anything, since the rest of the week was going to be so nuts. Tuesday, We finally fixed chris's truck (the tire had popped and needed to be replaced, but after sitting for so long without being started, we had to replace the battery also!) Wednesday, We went out to chris's parents house, and then over to Mark and Lori's (my old bosses) and spent the night so I could baby sit yesterday.

So now we come to my fun/crazy filled yesterday. I woke up at 5 so that I could shower and be up just incase elizabeth woke up with her mom left for work... For those who don't know, Elizabeth is the little girl I nannied before I had Taylor. Mark and Lori are her mom and dad. Anyways, I stayed up for a bit, and elizabeth slept, so I went back to sleep, but got up at like 7 to start my day for real! I made breakfast for me and Taylor and Elizabeth, put our sleeper sofa bed away, washed our sheets, cleaned lori's house, finished getting ready, got elizabeth ready, got taylor ready, and by that time it was 10! So we went on to the mall and spent 3 hours there. Of course I got the dirty looks from little old ladies who think I'm a kid with 2 kids and one on the way! But it didn't bother me. Taylor and Elizabeth got some dolls from the Disney store (Elizabeth loves Ariel, and I got Taylor a sleeping beauty doll, my favorite.) They played and played and played on the play place... Taylor even got to where she will go up the stairs and down the slide pretty good! I think it had alot to do with Elizabeth being there and helping and showing her how to do it. They play great together (Elizabeth is about 3 1/2.) Then they rode on a few of the car rides... Taylor loved them... Elizabeth tolerated them. They split a happy meal for lunch... and then some more play time. I was a little nervous about how Taylor would handle all this since it was during her first nap time. She did fine though and laughed and enjoyed herself, I think.

I had my OB appointment after that. I was worried about taking the two girls with me, but both were so well behaved. Elizabeth got books for her and Taylor to look at and I read a magazine while we waited. My OB... Dr. Wise, is also lori's ob so she delivered Elizabeth as well as Taylor. Just a fun little fact. Elizabeth was facinated that I had to pee in a cup. As far as the actual appointment went, I've gained a good amount of weight. I'm way more on track now for weight gain than I was before. Maybe this will keep up and I'll hit the recommended amount by the time little Maddie is born. The heart beat sounded great. Dr. Wise reassured me about my contractions and the whole passing out thing. I just have to make sure and lay down when I feel it coming on so there are no accidents! We still haven't officially scheduled the C-section, but Dr. Wise knows about the whole 16 thing and thinks it's so cool! So we're definately going to have a baby on September 16th (Taylor was also born on the 16th and they are 16 months apart!) We'll schedule the time about 8 weeks before! So the middle of July we'll know!

Yesterday evening went by fast. We went back to mark and lori's and I made the girls lay down for a little bit since neither one had taken a nap all day. I made cream for Berries and Cream for our Neely Book Club Meeting last night. Lori's flight was delayed and I was worried I wouldn't make it over to chris's parents in time, but I did fine and Chris watched Taylor during the meeting. He said she fussed for me most of the time he was watching her. I've realized if I've really focused on her during the day and spending time with her, she prefers me when chris gets home from work. If I've been busy and she's had to play a bit more on her own, she prefers Chris. I guess that makes sense. If He's focusing more on her, she wants to keep that focus and hang out with him, or me if it's the other way around. My girlie loves attention!

Our book club meeting went good and I'm excited about next month's book. I've almost half-way done already. I'm not totally absorbed in the story, but I think it's good. I'll be posting a blog later today about the new book on our book club blog. So for those who aren't in the book club but are interested in the book, feel free to check it out.

Today will be a bit of a lazy day for me. The only thing I really need to do is go by the library cause my books were due back yesterday, but I may hold out on that one til next week... Then again, I just remembered I need to go to the bank, so I may just run out real fast when taylor takes her afternoon nap.

It's nice to just sit for a bit and not have something to do the second I get done here. But I do really appreciate and enjoy busy days when I feel like I've accomplished alot. Lazy days are nice too sometimes. I wonder what kind today will be.

Emma Smith:My Story

Just for those who didn't know, Emma Smith: My Story will be showing in Nashville the end of next month! I'm way excited. It will be showing at Regal Green Hills from July 25th-July 31st.

If anyone wants to set up a group trip to go and see it, let me know. I think I can talk chris into seeing it, but I'm not sure, so it may have to be a girls thing for me! Anywho... I can't wait to see it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our run-in with the law!!!

Last night me and chris went out to see a movie, since we were babysitting friday night. After the movie, I wasn't feeling good AT ALL and we had to stop at Kroger from some milk. So chris went in and I stayed in the car, but I layed down in the seat, cause like I said, I was feeling like the poop! Chris was out in like 2 or 3 minutes and we left. As we pulled out of Kroger a police officer pulled up behind us and after a second or two turned his lights on. Chris was MAD to say the least. He hadn't done anything to get pulled over for and couldn't for the life of him figure out what was wrong. We pulled over and the police officer came up to the car and shined his flashlight all over the car and at us like he was looking for something. Chris rolled down his window and the officer told he pulled us over cause someone had reported a child locked in a blue sentra in the Kroger parking lot. They have new laws on leaving children alone in the car, but chris told the officer the only child we have was at home with her grandparents. We were both a little dumbfounded at first... til we realized it was me!!!

Someone called the police thinking I was a little kid locked in the car all alone! We couldn't help but crack up laughing when we figured out what was going on. The police officer apologized up and down for pulling us over, but chris told him he was just doing his job and he'd rather have them respond to the call than not. Chris had the officers laughing though... he told them the only kid in the car was still in my belly! One of the officers had to come and talk to me about how I positioned when I was laying down in the car so he could write about it in his report! LOL.

I've been mistaken for being quite a bit younger than I am, but never by this much. They thought I was like 5-10 or something like that... I dunno. It cracked us up though. Now I keep teasing chris about him being my dad! And leaving his kids locked in the car. He's such a negligent parent.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

So, Most of you know about chris's wonderful father's day gift he bought for himself (With my permission of course) He got a 12 guage shot gun. He was able to shoot it for the first time yesterday. He loves it. He also got to go see the Hulk last night with "the guys." I'm sure it was fun for him.

Today, Taylor gave chris the best gift possible... she peed on him at church! SO they came home early from church. I would have given almost anything to be able to go home with them cause I'm SO tried right now. But, I got to teach sharing time today. It was fun though... we're trying some new things in primary and so far they're working just fine. We'll see how it goes next week though when there's a real sharing time lesson instead of coloring Father's Day Cards. I hope it works good.

So that's been our father's day. Good... and tonight we're watching a movie (at home this time!). So I'm excited. It'll be the first few minutes I'll spend "with" chris this weekend.

Anyways. I'm looking forward to this week. Maybe I"ll be able to get some good stuff done. But I"m tired now. I might take a 15 minute nap or so... hmmmm. That sounds good.

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Post Real Fast

Taylor had her 1 yr dr. visit this week (only a month late.) She's 19 lbs. 10 oz (I think she lost some being sick... and with the walking now she's loosing her pudge.) She's 27 3/4 inches tall/long. Her head is huge compared to the rest of her... but she's healthy as can be. No teeth at all though. I'm seriously doubting whether they will ever come in. She'll have her 15 month visit in a few months though, and I guess if she doesn't have any in by then, they'll do something about it (x-rays to make sure the buds are there.)

This week has been rough on Chris. On Monday, He had a Tire POP on his truck so he's been using my car all week. Then On Thursday his computer stopped working (we bought it 3 months ago!!! Brand NEW.) Then last night his x-box quit working and has the "3 red lights of death" or something weird like that. Some weird x-box obsessed nerd came up with that. He did get a GREAT father's day present though... a 12 gauge shot gun... 28 inch barrel. He won't quit talking about it, but now he's just certain that it won't shoot since everything else of his is breaking this week. He won't touch his IPOD for fear that it won't work either. I don't blame him. I feel bad. I even cried my eyes out Thursday night cause I felt so bad about his Laptop!!! Thank you hormones! Maybe We'll be able to get everything fixed in the next few weeks and he'll be happier.

We did go to the movies last night... What's that, like 4 weeks in a row now? And we have this whole summer movie schedule now. Every Friday night is movie night for us. Next week we're going to see Love Guru I think. Definately Batman Begins....

OH YEAH... and EMMA SMITH:MY STORY is coming to Nashville!!! I'm too freakin excited! We'll definately see that one (end of july!) So that's been our week! Kinda poopy for chris, but otherwise, we're all healthy and doing good!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Summer Vacation

Money and Time are both very tight this summer so me and chris have been talking about taking a day trip somewhere near home (within 2-4 hours drive.) I think we've finally settled on a trip to Chatanooga! They have this wonderful little Creative Discovery Museum that looks AWESOME! There's also the Aquarium (I've only been once when I was real little.) And things like Look-out Mountain (never been), Ruby Falls, and the Incline Railway. Also Rock City (another one I've never been too.)

We're planning on going one saturday next month I think. Leaving at like 7 in the morning and getting back that night. Probably packing our own lunch and snacks for the trip to save Moola! I'm inviting anyone to join us if they want... Especially Matt and Candace and John and Krystin. I think it'd be fun! The drive isn't too bad... and it only takes a tank of gas to get down there and back (in my sentra.)

Here's the website's to some of the places I'd like to see (probably won't go to all of them, but the discovery museum is a definate... probably the aquarium too!)

Creative Discovery Museum
Ruby Falls
Incline Railway
Rock City
Tennessee Aquarium and Imax 3D Theater
Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park

So, If anyone's up for it, let me know and we'll figure out what day will be best to go. I'm too excited!!!

Me and My precious Daughter of God!

So, I was way behind last month on my visiting teaching... I did it the Last day. And it wasn't that great of a message I guess. I could have done more. But, I did print out a talk by Elder M. Russell Ballard called Daughters of God. I thought since mother's day was in May that the talk would be real good for the month. I liked the talk alot before I printed it out, and since, I've read it over and over again.

I love how Elder Ballard talks about how there is no one way to be a good mom. Every situation, mother, and child is different. I also particularly LOVE what he says about Focusing "on things that can only be done in a particular season of life." The most formative years of our children's lives (the first 5 years or so) is less than one tenth of my life-time. How can I be so selfish to not spend that time with my wonderful daughter.

Chantelle was a big example to me. I don't know if ya'll read her blog, but she decided to completely stop blogging and using the internet so much, so she could spend more time with her kids. I know she didn't mean for this to happen by any means, but I felt guilty for all the times I've just left taylor watching a movie or playing on the floor by herself while I wasted time online.

I'm not going to totally give up my blog... It's an outlet for me! It gives me time to relax and I love reading what all my friends have written and what's going on in their lives. It's refreshing to know I"m not the only frustrated mom out there. It's refreshing to know that y'all love your dear children just as much as I love mine. But I am going to quit being on my computer while Taylor's awake. She sleeps for around 3 to 4 hours a day during her naps... sometimes more. If I can't get done what I need to get done online in that amount of time, then I'm spending WAY too much time online.

I need to be there with her, playing, reading, watching, listening, teaching, when she's awake. This past year has already gone by way too fast and I don't want to miss ANY of the next few. Especially with our new little baby coming, Taylor's not going to get the attention this winter that I can give her now. So I want to make sure and give her all I have now.

I also really appreciate in the talk how Elder Ballard recognizes the Emotional struggle it can be to be a mom, regardless of whether you work or not. There are times when it is the most wonderful thing in the world to be a mother. There are times when I'd rather not look at Taylor right then. Then there are times when I feel like the most inadequate person in the world, to be caring for this perfect little spirit. It helps to know that there are other women out there with the same struggles. And I also have a Heavenly Father and Savior who are there to support me in this sacred calling!

Thank you to all of my friends for being wonderful examples to me of what a mother should be. I look up to you and learn from y'all everyday. Thank you for helping to show me the ropes. I'm so thankful to have come to the White House ward and met all of you. And I'm greatful to be in such a wonderful family with wonderful in-laws (mother and sisters!) Y'all are so much fun and I love being a part of the Neely Family.

So, I may not be on here as much... Or I may, I don't know exactly how much time I'll have on here now. But it may end up that with all the play I'm doing with Taylor, I'll have lots of fun things to talk about. We'll see.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Going On's of the Neely's

Life just keeps getting busier and busier. I went to a baby shower on Thursday night for a friend, Anna Brown. She's such a cute lady. Very Tiny! Smaller than me. Can't believe she's due next month. Then yesterday was nuts. We had a Dr. appt for taylor yesterday morning, then we came home and she napped. Then dad came home and we went out to eat at Jersey Mike's (my first time!) and then over to the Sudekum's for Jimmy's farewell! After that it was home to put Taylor to bed... Then me and chris went out to see a movie. Our third week in a row of going to see a movie Friday night after Taylor's asleep. It's becoming an expensive habit... but there's so many movies out we want to see and don't want to wait for them to be out on DVD. It's nice to have all these "Date Nights" after only having a handful for almost a year. It makes us feel a bit more our age too. We always talk about how old we feel now since we've had taylor... going to bed at 8:30 or 9, bodies aching... These "late night date nights" remind us that we're still 20 something! Except when we have to deal with the late night the next morning! :)

Today... Chris is at work. I'm a little disappointed cause we treasure the time we spend together on the weekends, and it's getting cut a little short this weekend, but it'll be good for us to have the over-time! I've got a baby shower to go to this after noon and then over to the in-laws :) It's stake conference weekend, and we're supposed to go to the adult meeting tonight at 7, but it probably won't happen, since we're getting over to the in-laws later than usual. Then tomorrow is Stake Conference also, and I have to work tomorrow night for lori... my old boss!

Busy, busy, busy!!! It makes the days go by faster though. :) I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I only have 7 more OB appointments until baby time!!! I'm pretty excited about that. Well, I'm going to be late if I don't start cleaning up and getting ready! I love being busy sometimes :) It's actually relaxing for me... sometimes! Give me a few more days of this and I'll be ready to settle down for a few days!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dr. Appt and Swimming

I had my OB appointment yesterday and all is well. My dr. was in an Emergency C-section (only the 2nd time that's happened to me since I got pregnant with Taylor, I think that's pretty good!) so I only met with the nurse, but it was the one that works there all the time, not one of the "temp" nurses. I don't know what else to call them, but they kinda float from dr to dr in the office I guess(there's like 10!) Anyways. I've gained weight. The most I've gained so far... That's so exciting for me. The baby's heartbeat sounded great. I told the nurse that this little girl moves just as much as taylor did, if not more, and she said she could tell by the heartbeat she'd be a spitfire! LOL. Guess that means we'll have Two little drama queens in the house. I also asked about c-sections and how many my dr. will let me have. She said it all depends on the thinning of my uterus and they'll let me know how it looks when they do this c-section... I'm pretty sure this kid won't be our last, but I'm a little nervous the next one might. Hopefully I'm able to have the big family I've always dreamed about. Anyways. I also had my Gestational Diabetes test. The glucose drink made me sick. I had to fight so hard not to throw it up. And I got all light headed and such. Hope the test comes back okay. I don't want to get stuck doing the three hour test up there! Especially with how Taylor behaved at Grandma's!!! I'm suppose to get a call today on the results. I'll let ya'll know when I find out!

After my appointment, me and Taylor went swimming at Aunt LeeAnn's pool. It was so much fun! I was terrified of her getting sun burned. So I loaded her up with sun screen when we were getting dressed. I also put some on her after we'd been there a while. And she did fine (her face got irritated by the sunscreen so I need to find some for her face.) and no SUNBURN!!! She LOVED the water! She splashed and kicked and laughed... She loved it! I'm so excited! She was such a grump when we got there, but the water cheered her right up. I wanted to try her under just a bit! Babies have a reflex where if you blow in their face they inhale real fast and then you put them under for just a second. It might sound mean, but it's really not. She does fine when water gets in her face in the tub, so I'm sure she'd be fine, but I decided I didn't want to be the first one to do it, and she wouldn't go to leeann, so it didn't happen. Maybe next time. She loved her little floatie though. She just sat in it and floated all around the pool (never far out of my reach.) I can't wait to go swimming with her again! It was so much fun! We swam for an hour straight! And she slept so good last night! This definately has to become a weekly thing! Maybe I can get a little bit of a tan too! We'll see!

So that's what's been happening! Dr's appts and swimming pools. Hope ya'll summers are going good too!