Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm a loser

I have currently lost my phone and my camera. 

I am a loser.

You would not believe how many times I have lost my debit card... It's gotten the point where I now have 2, and sometimes I can't find either one of them. Last week I had lost my brand new IPod I got for my anniversary!  I lose things.  Chris learned this when we were dating and I lost $200 in cash... luckily we found it.  Or he found it I think.  He usually finds my lost stuff. I actually have panic attacks when I start looking for my lost items. Because I start thinking, What if I don't find it? What if we never find it? How much will this cost to replace it? Will Chris be pissed at me for losing this AGAIN? Is he sick and tired of me losing stuff? 

Probably yes... I'm sure he's sick of me losing stuff ALL THE TIME! But he's such a good guy he never makes me feel bad for being so forgetful.  And I think that's the actual problem... I'm a bit ADD. I can't do math for nothing... J/K.  I have a hard time sticking to one task. So if I have my Ipod in my hand to put it up, it usually gets left somewhere close to where I was distracted on my way. Trying to retrace my steps usually doesn't work.  Prayers help... but most ties I don't find the item right after I've said a prayer, but once I quit freaking out over the lost item, a thought will pop into my head of where the item is.  Sometimes I just stumble onto the item in the usual distractions of my day. 

Anyways... My phone is lost... and my camera.  I hope I find them soon.  But until then, people can contact me on Facebook or our home number (I never the apartment anyways!)
And maybe in the next day or two my lost items will turn up!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm needing to do some updating, but I'm not much in the mood for it at the moment. I did want to mention I started reading the Happiness Project and I'm way excited to start my own project soon.  I'm going to finish reading through the book once I think before start mine though. So I fully understand it all. I also finished the latest book by Nicholas Sparks as well.  His books never fail to entertain me. I've read almost all of them, except message in a bottle.  I have that one though... just never been able to read it.

We recently celebrated our 7 year anniversary (it's so strange how it can feel longer and shorter than that at the same time!) and Taylor's 4th birthday with a trip to Florida last week. We didn't want to come home and will probably go back at the end of summer as well.  I would give almost anything to move there... One day we will live there.

We also received Taylor's acceptance letter into Pre-K. Out of a couple hundred applicants, they selected 18, and our smarty pants was one of them. We're so proud, but I'm also a bit nervous.  My baby will be leaving everyday, from 8-2 starting this fall, when she's never even been to a mother's day out. I hope she does well, and I'm sure she will...

Okay, so I'm not really in the mood to blog at the moment, but I'm trying to procrastinate cleaning and decluttering and cooking dinner.  I guess I need to get up off the couch, turn off the laptop, and get a move on it. So I'll blog more later.  And also post all the wonderful pictures of the beautiful beach we visited last week.