Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Soup"er Man

Me and Taylor have the oddest conversations sometimes!
Me: I've got the two prettiest girls in the world.
Taylor: Maddie's a baby.
Me: I've got the prettiest little girl and the prettiest baby in the whole wide world.
Taylor: I'm a big girl. Daddy's a big girl too!
Me: Daddy's not a big girl. Daddy's a man.
Taylor: Nuh uh!
Me: Yes he is. He's a super man!
Taylor: A "soup"er man?
Me: Yes.
Taylor: Soup! (holds hands to mouth like sipping from a bowl of soup) Slurp!

Taylor's Daddy is a "Soup"er Man

This also reminds me of the time Michael and Leeann went out to eat... The waiter asked michael "Soup or Salad?" and michael asked "What's a Super Salad?"

Taylor's Dino

Taylor had been coloring a picture last night. Chris and me have gotten so used to scribbles all over paper that we hardly look at them anymore. Chris had gotten ready to toss this one, but he looked at it before he did. We were both pretty suprised at this awesome Dinosaur taylor drew. She is talented when it comes to drawing, but who knows if she meant to draw this. She does love to draw eyes... and is usually great at it. So... Here's Taylor's Dino!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maddie Vs. Elephant

it's been so long since I posted something, and this is too funny not to post...