Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pre-K Waiting Game

Last week I registered Taylor for Pre-K. Chris stayed home Friday morning so I could run up to the school (A. Z. Kelley) real fast and fill out the paperwork.  I was so glad I had all the stuff they needed (birth certificate, proof of residency, social security card, shot records, etc.) I was way nervous I'd forget something.  When I finished the paperwork, they told me Taylor would need to be tested to complete the registration. : / They hadn't told me this prior to that moment. I was a bit agitated, but we got it worked out.  I went back up to the school right before lunch for Taylor's test.  She was very excited to be going to the school, but also nervous cause she thought I'd be leaving her there for the day. We were walked back to the library where the guidance counselor took Taylor to a little room off the library for her test.  They left the door open so I could see what was going on.  They had her draw some simple shapes, point out things on a page of pictures, stack blocks, sort blocks, etc. She did so well, doing everything the guidance counselor asked her too. After the test the lady came out laughing saying Taylor was a trip.  I hope she didn't say anything too embarrassing.

When we got home I looked on Metro Nashville Public School's website to check out some of the other programs near us. I called one right up the road from us and talked to the lady about what I needed to do to apply there also.  She said I could just add their school to Taylor's application at A.Z. Kelley. So I called up to A.Z. Kelley and put Henry Maxwell Elementary and Cole Elementary to our choices. Now it's the waiting game.

Sometime in the next month and a half we will hopefully receive an acceptance letter in the mail. I didn't think we'd be waiting for an acceptance letter in the mail for quite sometime... another 15 years in fact. But here we are waiting.  I really hope Taylor gets in to one of those schools. I know she needs this and it will be good for her.  I'm trying to only think about how she needs this, and not that my baby will be starting school a year earlier than I had anticipated. I started bawling like a baby the other night when I let it soak in that she won't be home with me everyday anymore.  At the same time a part of me is excited to spend time alone with Madison, and I'm even considering putting Madison in a Mother's Day Out program so I can have a day or two a week to clean and run errands. It's kinda funny how torn you become as a mom, between waiting to keep your little one all to yourself, and also needing a break. Hopefully she'll get in, and hopefully, I can hide my tears from her.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I am no longer FUNKY! This is thanks in large part to the Time Out For Women event i attended last weekend. Maybe I'm just still on my spiritual high, but it was amazing and I learned so much and felt so good. I've decided I need more breaks like that.  Serious good breaks... not just going to the store alone, but doing something for myself.  It rejuvenates me, it uplifts me, and I come home a better mom and wife.

This week has been great.  I've added yet another child to my day, Jay.  He's going to be 2 on Sunday and is in Maddie's Nursery class at church.  He'll only be coming over for a month or so til his mom quits work to have another baby. But it's fun having an older boy around for the younger boys to play with.  That bring my total to 4 kids besides my own.  It's a regular zoo here during the week, but I'm so grateful to be able to stay at home and earn the extra money.

Taylor had a check-up yesterday.  She hadn't been to the DR. in quite a while, and yes it's a couple months before her 4 year check up, but we needed to make sure she was up to date on her shots and get her shot records because... Taylor will be starting school in the fall!!! Maybe. Hopefully.  I'm praying.  We are zoned for A.Z. Kelley here in Antioch. They had a pre-k program last year, but did away with it this year.  Next year they will be opening it up again.  But they only have one class and only 18 spaces. We do get a priority spot since we are zoned for there, and if we stay here, she'll be going there for Kindergarten as well.  But still... I asked how many applicants they expect.  It's probably over 100 atleast. So yes, slim chances she'll get in... but I think she needs it... BAD. The only thing I'm kinda nervous about is that it's 8-2 Monday through Friday! That's a HUGE step for a little girl who's home with mom every day. But, like I said, it'll be good for her.  I may also apply to some magnet schools and see where she can get accepted.  She's crazy smart, and I think she'll do awesome in school, with the structure and friends and such. So yeah... pray that she'll get a spot! She needs it.  I need it! This is for the greater good of all man-kind.  I promise!

Madison is the same old maddie she's always been.  She's been cracking me up lately with how animated her face gets, how silly she acts.  She's alot like Chris in so many ways... She loves to make people laugh.  Yesterday at the zoo (oh yeah, we got another membership!!!) as we were walking out she asked me to call her "Crazy Moo" and was running around with her head flopping from side to side and her arms and legs flopping like crazy... everyone who saw her started cracking up laughing and she was loving it! She's so opposite from Taylor, who generally hides from any attention people give her.  Madison has also been a bit obsessed with being a baby lately.  I don't mind cause I'm so baby hungry, but I know it can't go on too much longer.  She has to have her blankie just about everywhere we go now, she talks baby talk all the time (ma-ma, da-da kinda stuff), and she wants you to treat her like a little baby, snuggling her and rocking her and so on.  Maybe it's all the other kids around, maybe it's just a stage.  I don't know what it is, but I like it.  I love to snuggle and cuddle her and hold on to my baby for as long as I can. But she's growing a bit... not much of a baby anymore. Maybe I need to be making her more independent, but for now, I think we both need this.

Chris is good, work has been stressful for him, and most days he comes home physically and mentally exhausted. But I think he loves his role as a manager and I know he's great at it. His birthday is coming up Monday. He's already got all his gifts or knows what they are at least, so it kinda takes the fun out of it, but oh well.  He even bought most of them himself. He got a new IPod Touch, some skate game for the x-box, and a movie.  There are also a couple small things coming in the mail that probably won't be here in time, so I went on and told him what they were.  The girls may have to get him something small for his birthday, but we'll probably just have some cake and ice cream to celebrate.

So that's what's been going on... Not too much, but some exciting days and months ahead. Don't forget to pray that Taylor gets into the Pre-K program... We need this! ;)