Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pre-K Waiting Game

Last week I registered Taylor for Pre-K. Chris stayed home Friday morning so I could run up to the school (A. Z. Kelley) real fast and fill out the paperwork.  I was so glad I had all the stuff they needed (birth certificate, proof of residency, social security card, shot records, etc.) I was way nervous I'd forget something.  When I finished the paperwork, they told me Taylor would need to be tested to complete the registration. : / They hadn't told me this prior to that moment. I was a bit agitated, but we got it worked out.  I went back up to the school right before lunch for Taylor's test.  She was very excited to be going to the school, but also nervous cause she thought I'd be leaving her there for the day. We were walked back to the library where the guidance counselor took Taylor to a little room off the library for her test.  They left the door open so I could see what was going on.  They had her draw some simple shapes, point out things on a page of pictures, stack blocks, sort blocks, etc. She did so well, doing everything the guidance counselor asked her too. After the test the lady came out laughing saying Taylor was a trip.  I hope she didn't say anything too embarrassing.

When we got home I looked on Metro Nashville Public School's website to check out some of the other programs near us. I called one right up the road from us and talked to the lady about what I needed to do to apply there also.  She said I could just add their school to Taylor's application at A.Z. Kelley. So I called up to A.Z. Kelley and put Henry Maxwell Elementary and Cole Elementary to our choices. Now it's the waiting game.

Sometime in the next month and a half we will hopefully receive an acceptance letter in the mail. I didn't think we'd be waiting for an acceptance letter in the mail for quite sometime... another 15 years in fact. But here we are waiting.  I really hope Taylor gets in to one of those schools. I know she needs this and it will be good for her.  I'm trying to only think about how she needs this, and not that my baby will be starting school a year earlier than I had anticipated. I started bawling like a baby the other night when I let it soak in that she won't be home with me everyday anymore.  At the same time a part of me is excited to spend time alone with Madison, and I'm even considering putting Madison in a Mother's Day Out program so I can have a day or two a week to clean and run errands. It's kinda funny how torn you become as a mom, between waiting to keep your little one all to yourself, and also needing a break. Hopefully she'll get in, and hopefully, I can hide my tears from her.


  1. Good luck getting her into a program. I'll pray for AZ Kelley for you, it's the best school in the area. I wish we could have gotten our kids in there (you're zoned for there, right?) Once into a Pre-K, does the child get to continue at that elementary? It really is an inner struggle isn't it? I went through it again, and every once and a while about putting the boys back in public school. It's a tough change, but welcomed at the same time.

  2. Yeah, we are zoned for Kelley. I think they do get to continue there, but we'll be looking for a house next year and may not stay in Davidson County. The inner struggle is the hardest. So this summer I'm gonna focus on making it a blast, and cherishing my moments with her.

  3. she's so cute! i always struggle w/ allowing others the honor/responsibility to teach my child. i always know where they are getting their info & how it's being taught to them. it's so hard for me to allow others that opportunity & for me to realize that it IS ok. good luck! keep us posted!


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