Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few pics of the girls

I've been playing around with the computer the past few days, trying to get some pics of maddie for her birth announcements (they will be mailed soon!) So I've gotten tons of cute pictures of my girls. Here's a few Taylor was trying to love on maddie... it kinda made maddie mad!
Taylor's trying to pick maddie up... that's her new thing. She's always trying to pick madison up.
Taylor's telling maddie some super important story!
Maddie's practicing for the Mo-Tab!
Maddie eating taylor's face!
Though the paci is blue... we had to get it.
Taylor loves to put her forehead on on your forehead when she's talking to you... maddie doesn't love it so much!

My sweet girls!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Smart

I can't believe the things Taylor comes out with sometimes. I just had to go to the bathroom, and I've been taking her with me for a while now, trying to get her ready to potty train. She usually just plays in there though. She went and got into my drawer in the bathroom. She got out my moisturizer, pretended to pump it out onto her hand and rubbed her hands together like she's seen me do a million times. Then she got out my toothpaste (which is a white bottle like my deodorant and shaped kinda like it too) and raised her shirt up and rubbed it on her belly. I'm sure she was doing what she thinks I do with it! I just had to laugh. She is REALLY watching me, and doing what I do. I love it.

Lately she's been starting to say sentences. They're usually just 2 or 3 words. But yesterday we were reading one of her books of nursery rhymes and there was a moon on the page. She said "whoa, it's the moon!" When I told chris he laughed and said that's what he says to her everytime they see that picture. We've also been teaching her to say "I love you" lately. Well, today, I had tackled her and was holding her real tight and she wanted to get loose so I said, "Say I love you" and she said "I love you mama!" I was so excited, I had to call chris right then and tell him! I'm the happiest mom in the world today!

There is a downside to all this talking she's been doing. Her favorite word ever is "NO!" and she says it with such an attitude. I didn't know a girl so young could be so SASSY and DRAMATIC. Yesterday, I was holding taylor like a baby and she said Down. I asked her to say please and she said No, and smacked me! Not hard, but enough to make me pretty mad. I sat her right down in her bed for a "time out" and she sat there like nothing was wrong and asked me for some juice. I told her she was in time out and she wasn't getting juice. She didn't get it. So i put a chair facing the corner and sat her down in it. That got the point across very well! So we now have a time out chair. She hates it and to get up, she has to say sorry and give me a hug. I don't know how much it's really working yet, cause every other word out of her mouth is still "No" But we'll see.

I'm still super happy about the "I love you mama" I got earlier today. I love this little person she's becoming... No's and all!

Monday, October 27, 2008


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My girls

So, this is the 2nd post for today, but I couldn't help myself. I was playing around with my camera earlier and took these pics of the girls. I had to post them, they're too cute!

trunk or treat

We went to our wards trunk or treat Saturday night. Taylor had fun and it was fun to see friends from church that we haven't seen in over a month! Taylor did okay getting her candy (she filled her Elmo Bucket!) Chris took her to all the cars while I handed out candy. Chris said Taylor would act all shy, so he would hold her hand and bag out, then when people gave her candy, She's say "Bye" and go to the next car! It was Way cold though, so we left right after the trunk or treat. Here are our girls costumes.

Taylor is a poodle (i made it and couldn't find any black poufs, so i used navy blue ones... in the dark you can't tell the difference.) Maddie is a skeleton. Chris picked it out and I think it's so funny. Maddie also has a very cute beenie that says BOO!, but I couldn't find it when we took the pictures. I'll find it and she'll wear it when we go trick or treating this weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sick and Tired

No, I'm not going to be complaining about anything. I really am Sick and Tired. I've had a bad sore throat and horrible headaches lately. My two girls are sick also. Not bad, just enough to be miserable. And I'm tired. It's hard sleeping like we are. The babies keep both me and chris up at night, so no one has been sleeping. The lack of sleep has been making me feel worse too. It's a bad cycle.
But I thought I'd go on and post some pictures. we have finally started giving Maddie a Paci. She's still having a few issues taking it because we waited so long, but it's growing on her.
Here are a couple of pics of Taylor over at grandma's and grandpa's when we were house sitting. She would help chris water the tomatoes, and here, she had gotten a couple of the good ones and took huge bites out.

Here are some pictures of Maddie's first bath... in no particular order

And lastly, here's chris and taylor reading a book before bed one night. I love listening to him read to her... he's got all these voices and characters that come out when he reads :) It's pretty funny. They also go through and point out all sorts of things in the books... for example, tonight, chris taught taylor how to say star and what it is! I thought that was pretty cool.

Well, those are my random pics I've been meaning to post. I also posted some of Michael's and Leeann's Engagement photos we took earlier this week... so check out my photography blog to view those. I'll write more later, but for now, I need all the sleep I can get... so I'm off to bed!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


After having a List 3 pages long of things to do for the past month... I have nothing left to do. I'm pretty sure if I worked hard enough I could figure something out... But I'm kinda enjoying it. Besides the bored eating I'm doing today. That needs to stop.

So I'm blogging, without all the million pictures I need to put up on here. I'll post them sometime in the next week, so be on the look out for all the crazy posts that are to come.

Just an update on playing with taylor, she discovered the wonderful game of "Ring around the Rosies" on Monday night thanks to Krystin and Isaac. Now she LOVES to play it. So we played that for about 45 minutes this morning! My bum hurts from "all fall down" x 50! Then, I decided we needed to build a tent. It's been FOREVER since I've built a tent! So I pulled a couple chairs from the kitchen into the den and got out a few sheets. I think it's pretty cool, not the best tent ever, but not bad. (here's where the picture would go if I had the right card reader here!) Taylor LOVES it. Of course, you can see the TV from the front of the tent, so before nap, we laid down in her tent and watched sponge bob! It was fun.

I also gave Maddie a bath today. She had a ton of fun and was smiling the whole time, No tears! My girls love water. Both of them. Maddie has NEVER cried during bath time. Pretty good for a newborn, I think. (By the way, she's a month old tomorrow. We're celebrating by having lunch with DAD!) She loves laying in her bath tub. I'm so glad. I can't wait til next summer when we can teach Taylor to swim. We're even thinking about taking them to florida! So exciting.

That's enough babbling. I'm going to go enjoy my boredom. Remember to be on the look out for pics soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apples and Crackers

Here are Taylor's Favorite Foods...
And Crackers
I guess I can understand a tomato being an apple. They're both red and round.
But the m&m's being crackers? Oh well... atleast I know what she's asking for.
(By the way grandpa... Taylor LOVES your tomatoes. She helps Chris water them, and she'll grab them and take huge bites out of them! So we have to make sure if she gets one, it's ready to be eaten... she's almost gotten a few rotten bites!)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

family fotos

We took a few family photos today. The first one is one of the best ones, I think. I think the attempts are pretty funny. So I've posted them too!

This last one isn't too bad either. And here's some of taylor! She's getting so big. I can't believe it. And her hair is a mess... I couldn't find any of her hair stuff... Blah! It's driving me nuts trying to find it.

I love this picture... you can see her teeth!

My girls!

Her sweet little smile.
Maddie holding her nose cause of her stinky poo!
I can't believe I actually got this one! I love her smile.

She is still doing the zoolander! And I have to say she's pretty good!

Pouty face!