Monday, October 6, 2008

Been a while

I really haven't been much in the mood to blog... I guess I've gotten my fix from actually writing in my journal! That's right. After like 3 years of not keeping a journal, I'm back at it again. I kept journals for like 5 years. It started as a gift from an old boyfriend and I just always kept it up. That is, until life wasn't dramatic anymore. It's kind of hard to write when life is the exact same thing everyday. So, once I got married and was working all the time and so was chris, there wasn't much to write about. There were a few fun trips, a couple moves, and we bought a dog. That was it besides work and family. Then we had taylor and I was just too overwhelmed with being a mom to actually keep a journal, though I followed my sister-in-laws example and would jot little things down on a calendar so I would remember the first roll, first time she sat up, and first steps.

Since I had maddie, I've been thinking about how I'm handling this whole kid thing. It's actually so much easier than I expected. I figured I'd be crying every day and so completely hormonal and such, and I haven't been. Taylor is AMAZING about all this big sister stuff. She's a bit dramatic at times. But she has alot of her dad in her and is pretty laid back about the major stuff. And Maddie is such a good baby. The two of them have made this easy on me. Anyways, back to my journal thing... I want my daughters to be able to read my journals and maybe take something from them. I want for them to be able to get to know Me through them too, instead of only having a few notes written on a calendar like "You learned how to say ice today and followed me around all day repeating it. I'm glad you think frozen water is such a treat!" Not that that's a bad thing, but I want to write more. I want them to understand how much I love being their mom, and maybe they'll feel that way too someday.

So yeah. I've gotten my writing fix from my journal. It's a cute one too, red with white and black polkadotted ribbon on it. Chris asked me what I was doing the other night and was actually a bit impressed when I told him I was keeping a journal again. That made me feel good! Maybe he's actually appreciates that I keep up with what our girls and days are like.

Okay, so here's what's been going on lately...
Maddie had her two week dr appt last tuesday. She weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and is still 19 inches long. I think she may be smaller than taylor, but you never know. It's just that taylor was over 20 inches by 2 weeks. I guess we'll see in a few years what happens. She's doing great, besides the fact that she probably has blocked tear ducts like Taylor. FUN! Now I've got 4 goopy eyes to clean all the time! Although taylor will probably see an eye doc about her's before the end of the year! Maybe they'll go on and fix maddie's too. So maddie's great and growing good. She's SO much more alert now. She's awake for atleast an hour every time she eats during the day now. I actually figured out a bit of a trick for getting her to figure out her days and nights. I drank a bit of caffiene during the day, and since I'm nursing, It kept her awake a bit too. Then she was tired at night, from being awake during the day and Poof! She's got her days and nights right. Last night she only woke up ONCE! That was nice.

Taylor is doing great. I've realized this weekend what a chunker she is. Her calf's are the same size from her knees to her ankles. Does that mean she's got cankles??? I love my chubby girl. She's talking A TON today. I've never heard her talk like this before. I think the weekend with her cousins made her want to be more grown up. And she's trying so hard. She actually put a pair of pants on last night by herself. She only got them up over her knees but still. I was impressed.

I had my craft show this weekend and it didn't go nearly like I thought it would. Oh well, maybe the next one will be better, but if not, I'm throwing in the towel! We are also really enjoying house sitting for chris's parents. It's nice to just have the four of us here. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and really enjoy all the help we get from them, but it's nice to be alone for a bit.

Oh and one last update... Instead of my wonderful friends taking sady, my little sis Cayce had a fit to keep her. Cayce's been wanting a dog for a while and this way we keep her in the family. so taylor will still get to see sady when cayce visits. I'm so happy about that. I'm glad cayce is enjoying sady so much. And I know sady will love all the attention she'll get from cayce and her roommates!

So that's all for now, sorry if this was a bit long. I tend to ramble. I'll take pics of the girls in the next couple days and post them at some point. Til then, I guess I'll be trying to balance my journal writing and blogging. Hopefully I can get it figured out.


  1. Sounds like you are doing good. I really need to come visit. I take Grant tomorrow for his 4month appt shots yikes. Yes post picture please I want to see how big the girls are getting.

  2. The Blaisdell'sOctober 6, 2008 at 11:28 PM

    You know what I just realized... We are way more alike then I remembered. In Jan. of 07 Leon and I got a dog a pom. We named her Sadie...

    I really miss you. While I'm off for a bit longer with my injury we need to spend some time together. I really miss you.


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