Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guilty Mom Blog

Every woman I know who has children has at some point had the guilty mom syndrome. I feel like I have it a bit more often than most! Well, Lately, I feel very guilty with how much TV taylor is watching. It's on ALL DAY. She'll sit and stare all day if I let her. This REALLY bugs me, but have I done anything about it yet? NO. Cause I'm tried, and maddie is nursing alot, and I'm trying to keep this house super clean, so Taylor's playtime is lacking right now. So, I'm making a list of all the activities I can do with a 16 1/2 month old little girl.

She's really getting into the alphabet... Weird huh? She has actually learned ALOT of the letters and can say them and point them out. R, A, S, M, H are some of her favorites. Yup, My baby's a genius! Atleast in my eyes! So One of my first things on this list is to have her help me cut pictures out of magazines of things like Apples and Bananas and Cats and Dogs, and other simple things so we can make flash cards.

I've also added things to my list like bubble time, riding in the wagon in the yard, dancing to my favorite cd's, finger painting, kick ball out in the yard, swinging... I know some of these things are kinda obvious. But when I'm sitting here with Taylor watching elmo for the hundredth time of the day, I can never seem to figure out something we could be doing instead.

Anyways, I figured all of you wonderful examples of what a mom should be out there in blogland could help me. Could ya'll send me some ideas? Keep in mind I have a newborn and had a c-section, so I'm kinda limited on activities. Thanks ya'll! I can't wait to read your ideas!


  1. When I first had my girls so close I was feeling the SAME way! I didnt have a car during the day then either so I was WAY limited to an apartment complex. Thats when I took them on a walk in the stroller every day. I put it in the daily schedule at 10 then came home to eat luch and have naps. Chels as a newborn loved it to be outside and see all the colors and to just ride along and kylee loved to be the big sister and help push or get out and walk with me. We also played LOTS of Playdough, LOTS of stickers, LOTS of decorating cookies, LOTS of dress up.
    I just decided one day that I had enough of the TV too and just unplugged the cable from it and wouldnt let myself turn it back on so that she could watch channel 8 but they didnt have shows on all day so I HAD to turn it off after a while.
    I know how hard it is but it does get better and you are a good mom! Let me know if you need anything!

  2. Girl Im sure its so hard. Once you feel better and maddie is alittle bigger it will be lots more fun. Send some pictures of maddie. Im going to come visit you maybe next week I will try and come over.

  3. Welcome to my world dear. Kevin is attached to the tv too.

    Here are my ideas that could help.
    finger paints (you could make flashcards that way without worrying about her dealing with scissors)
    cookies, books, just playing with a toy with her (it's cars with Kevin), you could sit with her at the computer and look at animals like a virtual zoo trip. maybe something there would help.


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