Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Smart

I can't believe the things Taylor comes out with sometimes. I just had to go to the bathroom, and I've been taking her with me for a while now, trying to get her ready to potty train. She usually just plays in there though. She went and got into my drawer in the bathroom. She got out my moisturizer, pretended to pump it out onto her hand and rubbed her hands together like she's seen me do a million times. Then she got out my toothpaste (which is a white bottle like my deodorant and shaped kinda like it too) and raised her shirt up and rubbed it on her belly. I'm sure she was doing what she thinks I do with it! I just had to laugh. She is REALLY watching me, and doing what I do. I love it.

Lately she's been starting to say sentences. They're usually just 2 or 3 words. But yesterday we were reading one of her books of nursery rhymes and there was a moon on the page. She said "whoa, it's the moon!" When I told chris he laughed and said that's what he says to her everytime they see that picture. We've also been teaching her to say "I love you" lately. Well, today, I had tackled her and was holding her real tight and she wanted to get loose so I said, "Say I love you" and she said "I love you mama!" I was so excited, I had to call chris right then and tell him! I'm the happiest mom in the world today!

There is a downside to all this talking she's been doing. Her favorite word ever is "NO!" and she says it with such an attitude. I didn't know a girl so young could be so SASSY and DRAMATIC. Yesterday, I was holding taylor like a baby and she said Down. I asked her to say please and she said No, and smacked me! Not hard, but enough to make me pretty mad. I sat her right down in her bed for a "time out" and she sat there like nothing was wrong and asked me for some juice. I told her she was in time out and she wasn't getting juice. She didn't get it. So i put a chair facing the corner and sat her down in it. That got the point across very well! So we now have a time out chair. She hates it and to get up, she has to say sorry and give me a hug. I don't know how much it's really working yet, cause every other word out of her mouth is still "No" But we'll see.

I'm still super happy about the "I love you mama" I got earlier today. I love this little person she's becoming... No's and all!

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  1. I get the no all the time too. It's so annoying! The I love you's are the reasons we don't end up killing them some days. I'm so glad you got your first of so many that will come.

    Time out works for us too. He gets as many minutes as he is years old. Then we talk about what he did wrong and then I get a sorry and a hug and all is forgiven. You're a great mom!


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