Wednesday, October 15, 2008


After having a List 3 pages long of things to do for the past month... I have nothing left to do. I'm pretty sure if I worked hard enough I could figure something out... But I'm kinda enjoying it. Besides the bored eating I'm doing today. That needs to stop.

So I'm blogging, without all the million pictures I need to put up on here. I'll post them sometime in the next week, so be on the look out for all the crazy posts that are to come.

Just an update on playing with taylor, she discovered the wonderful game of "Ring around the Rosies" on Monday night thanks to Krystin and Isaac. Now she LOVES to play it. So we played that for about 45 minutes this morning! My bum hurts from "all fall down" x 50! Then, I decided we needed to build a tent. It's been FOREVER since I've built a tent! So I pulled a couple chairs from the kitchen into the den and got out a few sheets. I think it's pretty cool, not the best tent ever, but not bad. (here's where the picture would go if I had the right card reader here!) Taylor LOVES it. Of course, you can see the TV from the front of the tent, so before nap, we laid down in her tent and watched sponge bob! It was fun.

I also gave Maddie a bath today. She had a ton of fun and was smiling the whole time, No tears! My girls love water. Both of them. Maddie has NEVER cried during bath time. Pretty good for a newborn, I think. (By the way, she's a month old tomorrow. We're celebrating by having lunch with DAD!) She loves laying in her bath tub. I'm so glad. I can't wait til next summer when we can teach Taylor to swim. We're even thinking about taking them to florida! So exciting.

That's enough babbling. I'm going to go enjoy my boredom. Remember to be on the look out for pics soon!

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