Monday, March 31, 2008

Crazy Daze

I feel just a bit like I'm in a daze at the moment. It's been a crazy week this week. Well, it hasn't been a full week yet, but almost. I'll start with last Wednesday.

My mom fell. She was walking out the front door to meet a friend to go downtown to the Library and Archives to do some family history research. On her way out, she missed a step or something and fell down the concrete stairs at the front of our house. She scrapped up her legs and ankles pretty badly. But she thought she was okay (for the most part, maybe a sprain.) So I bandaged up her leg, put a brace on her ankle, and she went on her way. That evening she came home and went to bed... She didn't look too good (sorry mom) and said that she thought her ankle might be broken, not sprained. I called my dad and told him he needed to get her to the dr. So he came home and they went to the ER. Good thing he took her. Her right leg is broken right above her ankle, and her left ankle is badly sprained. So she's immobile at the moment. I told her it's Heavenly Father's way of making her slow down since she won't take a break on her own. He works in extreme ways when you ignore him :) She's fine though, the pain is managed with perscriptions and she crawls to the bathroom. Sometime today or tomorrow she's getting the real cast put on (her leg was too swollen at the time for her hard cast.) She insisting on NO VISITORS, so for those of you tempted to check on her, she's fine. She's embarassed her room looks the way it does and her hair is a mess and she has no make up on. If you did come over all she would do is apologize for thirty minutes about the condition of the house (which I have been cleaning, but it's not the same as doing it yourself I guess,) the condition of her face and hair, sorry she fell and put us all in the position of taking care of her... anyways. She'll be fine. It was just an accident.

Thursday, was kinda a date night since chris didn't come home til 10 on monday night and later on wednesday too. I swear I didn't make him take me out. I didn't say anything at all... he did it all on his own. He's sweet like that sometimes. Anyways, we went out with Michael and his girlfriend and my old friend Phillip and his wife. We ate dinner at sabaro's downtown, went on the walking bridge, saw bret Michael's body guard (also kid rocks) BIG JOHN, and then tried to go dancing, but only two girls were dancing (hired help I guess) and like 10 old men were watching them, so we left. :( I was just a little dissappointed about this part, cause I really like to dance and don't remember the last time me and chris were able to dance together. But all in all, it was a great night.

Friday, I don't remember what happened on friday... I'm trying to think but this awful baby brain is ruining it. I do know me and chris didn't come to bed til late and I need my sleep! OH yeah!!!! It was lily's birthday. It was great! She's so cute and totally dug into her cake. I'm sure candace will put up pictures for those of you who are interested, just check out her blog. But we didn't end up leaving til a little later than I think we both planned on, so I crashed when we got home. I was supposed to be up early saturday morning to get ready to help with a wedding, but I was too tried to get all my junk together... so that brings us up to...

Saturday! I woke up early and threw all the junk in the car i had promised to bring to this wedding I was helping out with. I got there just alittle after 9, and started steaming fabric, taking pictures, helping here and there with what I could. I was on my feet too much on saturday. I started having real light contractions or cramps. Kinda weirded me out. Just cause I was thinking it's too soon, but anyways, as soon as I got home from the wedding, i started editing pictures and trying to get them ready to make cds/dvds for the barzee's on sunday. I finally had to go to bed cause I was TOO tired.

Sunday morning I got up and finished editing and started burning cd's and stuff... I got ready for church, got taylor ready, chris got ready... and we went off to church. Spent the day there, came home, ate dinner (thanks dad for cooking.) And the contractions started again. I got kinda winded, like I'd just run up stairs or something. I got real thirsty, so I thought, maybe it's dehydration... so I drank some water. The contractions kept on for a few hours, til I finally fell asleep.

Now it's monday morning and time for me to rest. All i have to do today is worry about taylor, clean my room, and check on my mom. If the contractions come back, I may call the dr, but til then, I'm just gonna stick with being dehydrated. There are no other "symptoms" to go along with the contractions, and a friend said she had Braxton Hicks the entire time she was pregnant... so maybe that's just what I'm having. If I start having pain or anything, I'll call the dr. But, I'm fine, the family's fine, we're all doing pretty good. I'm hoping this week will be a little slower!!! We'll see!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning

So, I'm posting this almost a week late, but I'm changing the date cause I have other things to post too.

Here are our Easter pictures... There will be more later (cause they have yet to be taken.)


Here she is getting into her easter basket.


Here she is with her green care bear! Guess who picked that one out.


Taylor by her two easter baskets... that bunny must love her!


Mommy is so mean cause I won't let her eat chocolate!!!


Here she is in her outfit from the Easter Bunny... and her new shoes!


Eating a lollipop for the first time by herself! She really liked it and it was the only candy she got for Easter.


It took just a second for her to realize the good part was on the other end.

So those are our pictures. Hope you enjoyed and I"ll put more up later.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Breakfast with taylor

This morning at breakfast taylor was being real cute. She's started making this funny face that cracks me up. It's too cute. She also is signing some now and is just learning so much. So I took pictures to show off :)

Here's Taylor's funny faces.

Funny face

another funny face

one more funny face

Here she is saying touchdown. (go vols)


To sign eat, she just puts the back of her hand in her mouth... hey, whatever works, right?

taylor's sign for eat

She LOVES bananas and shoves them in her mouth as fast as she can...

stuffing her face with bananas

Taylor's clapping and her signing more are kinda the same thing right now. I don't know which is which in these pictures, but one is saying more and one is clapping.



She hasn't quite mastered pointing, but this is her trying. :)

pointing... she had food in her hand

And here she is waving bye to the camera.


I can't believe how big she's getting. In just a little over 2 months she'll be a year old. It would be making me more sad, but I'll be doing all this over next year. And I know there are more children to come for us, so that makes me not as sad as I would be otherwise. Now, when i know we're done having kids, that's when I'll be sad.

Anyways. Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Day

I have been saying all winter that I just want one really good snow day and we had one today. Yes, it's pretty much gone by now, but it was a blast this morning. After we got up and had breakfast me and Chris loaded on the clothes (seriously, my butt looked so big. I had long johns on, then stretch pants, then gym shorts, then sweat pants, then my fat jeans... I had a ghetto booty.) Then we went outside and sled. It was SO much fun.

Chris is alot braver than me. I would have done more stunts, but I'm preggers, and have to watch the belly. My brother Michael was out with us too. But it was just the three of us. It was so much fun. It kinda sucked going down on new snow, cause there was so much and it all flew up in your face... but once it was packed down, boy would you fly down the hill.

The guys also "snurfed." Silly word, I know. We made it up. They basically snowboarded on our sleds, or snow surfed (hence snurf.) I tried a couple times... I was so afraid of falling and hitting a tree or landing on my belly that I jumped off right after I started. It's just too dangerous to do in my condition. But then we got to the smaller hills in my parents back yard. I figured it was small and there were no trees so I could give it a try or two. Well, the first time, I made it about half way down the hill, and then I fell... Not just like, fell over, but like, Flew up in the air a ways and landed hip first on the frozen ground. Not cool. I'm aching now. But silly me thought "that wasn't too bad, maybe I could try it again." so I did. This time was way worse. I did the exact same thing, only a little harder on the landing, and on the hurt hip. I'm sure it gave the baby a thrill.

I'm fine though. My belly is fine, baby is fine. My butt and side are sore... but nothing too major. Especially compared to chris and michael. Michael did a face plant in the snow a couple times. I'm sure that wasn't fun, but he was laughing the whole time. And Chris was eating the snow... so gross.

Anywho... It was fun to feel like a little kid again. In a couple years, it'll be our kids that are sledding on snow days. I hope me and chris are still sledding and playing too.

Slacker Mom

Okay... So I just typed this and then my internet went out... So now I'm retyping. I hope it's as good. Probably won't be.

Well, A little bit ago I got done reading a friend's blog. I must say I'm a little bit disappointed in myself. I've been slacking a bit lately. This Lady is amazing. She's like super-woman. How does she do it? We have children that are close to the same age. Why can't I be and feel like her? It's not like she's older and wiser... well, maybe wiser, but we're the same age. I'm so jealous.

I read another friends blog the other day also. In it she was talking about how she's had a bit of a hard time lately cleaning and such. She's been lazy I guess. Well, she realized there was a problem and she prayed about it. And Heavenly Father answered her prayer in a way that only a true parent could. She was humiliated when some people dropped by her house unannounced and saw how messy it was and how greasy her hair was. Now I'm afraid to pray. :)

I don't like the whole idea of being humiliated. But I'm just feeling so overwhelmed with everything that is on my plate. I feel like it's too much... and I know that to any other normal human being it wouldn't be. But I'm far from normal. My excuses are this. 1. I'm pregnant. I've got these crazy hormones coursing through my body and I can't function like this. 2. I'm fatigued. Yes this is a part of being pregnant, but it's more than that. I have a little girl who is almost 10 months old, and she's teething. If she doesn't sleep, I don't sleep. 3. Well, I can't think of number 3 now.

Maybe I should just go on and suck it up. Pray, and take whatever is coming for me. Maybe Heavenly Father will take it easy on me since I'm pregnant. Ya think?

Friday, March 7, 2008

WOW, It's march already

Oh My... It's march. So much for those new years resolutions.

I'm preggers again. Due September 19th (I'm 12 weeks today, 28 more to go.) This baby was definately a suprise. And I'm about 95% sure this one will be a boy. Our first boy. I know it's crazy but it's all in the name. Me and Chris decided what names we liked and didn't a very long time ago. Maybe even before we were married. When we found out we were pregnant the first time, we decided which two names we would be using first. Colton for a boy and Taylor for a girl. I knew the whole time that baby would not be called colton, but taylor. I knew this, even though I secretly wished for a boy. (Not that I didn't want a girl... I just never had an older brother and wanted my girls to have one. Oh well, now we've got a babysitter for our other children.) When we found out Taylor was in fact female, I was not really all that suprised... Maybe a little sad that my dream of this wonderful protective older brother who would keep bad boys away from our future girls would not come true, But so excited to see this little one grow up.

Back to this pregnancy. I'm feeling the same way. We've decided to switch names (we'll save colton for later) and go with Dylan if this one is a boy. If it's a girl, she'll be madison. The thing is, I do like the name madison. I especially love the middle name we picked out. But it's not right for this baby. It's just not. Dylan fits. Dylan James fits even better. It's perfect for this little one. I can't even feel any movement or anything yet, and I think women are crazy when they get all spiritual and say "I've known this tiny spirit my whole life." Blah blah blah... but I just feel, in my heart or soul or whatever it is, That this baby will be Dylan James Neely.

This of course thrills my husband. Chris can't wait to have a boy and I can't wait to give him one. Every once in a while I even second guess myself and wonder if I just want to give him a boy so badly that I'm projecting these weird feelings into where ever they're coming from. But when I think about it, I can truly say I'm not projecting anything. I would be so happy with another girl. I know chris would be too. No matter how he talks about the drama to come in later years, I see how he melts when taylor cries "bah-bah" (her way of saying dada) or when she gets so excited and squeals when he walks in from work. She is his world and no matter what this baby is, boy or girl, it will be too.

I have to say though, I may have a hard time calling this one anything other than dylan, If it does end up having an "innie" instead of an "outie".