Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning

So, I'm posting this almost a week late, but I'm changing the date cause I have other things to post too.

Here are our Easter pictures... There will be more later (cause they have yet to be taken.)


Here she is getting into her easter basket.


Here she is with her green care bear! Guess who picked that one out.


Taylor by her two easter baskets... that bunny must love her!


Mommy is so mean cause I won't let her eat chocolate!!!


Here she is in her outfit from the Easter Bunny... and her new shoes!


Eating a lollipop for the first time by herself! She really liked it and it was the only candy she got for Easter.


It took just a second for her to realize the good part was on the other end.

So those are our pictures. Hope you enjoyed and I"ll put more up later.

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  1. so cute!!!!! How are you feeling these days? Well I have started Braxton hicks yeah just great!


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