Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snow Day

I have been saying all winter that I just want one really good snow day and we had one today. Yes, it's pretty much gone by now, but it was a blast this morning. After we got up and had breakfast me and Chris loaded on the clothes (seriously, my butt looked so big. I had long johns on, then stretch pants, then gym shorts, then sweat pants, then my fat jeans... I had a ghetto booty.) Then we went outside and sled. It was SO much fun.

Chris is alot braver than me. I would have done more stunts, but I'm preggers, and have to watch the belly. My brother Michael was out with us too. But it was just the three of us. It was so much fun. It kinda sucked going down on new snow, cause there was so much and it all flew up in your face... but once it was packed down, boy would you fly down the hill.

The guys also "snurfed." Silly word, I know. We made it up. They basically snowboarded on our sleds, or snow surfed (hence snurf.) I tried a couple times... I was so afraid of falling and hitting a tree or landing on my belly that I jumped off right after I started. It's just too dangerous to do in my condition. But then we got to the smaller hills in my parents back yard. I figured it was small and there were no trees so I could give it a try or two. Well, the first time, I made it about half way down the hill, and then I fell... Not just like, fell over, but like, Flew up in the air a ways and landed hip first on the frozen ground. Not cool. I'm aching now. But silly me thought "that wasn't too bad, maybe I could try it again." so I did. This time was way worse. I did the exact same thing, only a little harder on the landing, and on the hurt hip. I'm sure it gave the baby a thrill.

I'm fine though. My belly is fine, baby is fine. My butt and side are sore... but nothing too major. Especially compared to chris and michael. Michael did a face plant in the snow a couple times. I'm sure that wasn't fun, but he was laughing the whole time. And Chris was eating the snow... so gross.

Anywho... It was fun to feel like a little kid again. In a couple years, it'll be our kids that are sledding on snow days. I hope me and chris are still sledding and playing too.

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