Friday, March 7, 2008

WOW, It's march already

Oh My... It's march. So much for those new years resolutions.

I'm preggers again. Due September 19th (I'm 12 weeks today, 28 more to go.) This baby was definately a suprise. And I'm about 95% sure this one will be a boy. Our first boy. I know it's crazy but it's all in the name. Me and Chris decided what names we liked and didn't a very long time ago. Maybe even before we were married. When we found out we were pregnant the first time, we decided which two names we would be using first. Colton for a boy and Taylor for a girl. I knew the whole time that baby would not be called colton, but taylor. I knew this, even though I secretly wished for a boy. (Not that I didn't want a girl... I just never had an older brother and wanted my girls to have one. Oh well, now we've got a babysitter for our other children.) When we found out Taylor was in fact female, I was not really all that suprised... Maybe a little sad that my dream of this wonderful protective older brother who would keep bad boys away from our future girls would not come true, But so excited to see this little one grow up.

Back to this pregnancy. I'm feeling the same way. We've decided to switch names (we'll save colton for later) and go with Dylan if this one is a boy. If it's a girl, she'll be madison. The thing is, I do like the name madison. I especially love the middle name we picked out. But it's not right for this baby. It's just not. Dylan fits. Dylan James fits even better. It's perfect for this little one. I can't even feel any movement or anything yet, and I think women are crazy when they get all spiritual and say "I've known this tiny spirit my whole life." Blah blah blah... but I just feel, in my heart or soul or whatever it is, That this baby will be Dylan James Neely.

This of course thrills my husband. Chris can't wait to have a boy and I can't wait to give him one. Every once in a while I even second guess myself and wonder if I just want to give him a boy so badly that I'm projecting these weird feelings into where ever they're coming from. But when I think about it, I can truly say I'm not projecting anything. I would be so happy with another girl. I know chris would be too. No matter how he talks about the drama to come in later years, I see how he melts when taylor cries "bah-bah" (her way of saying dada) or when she gets so excited and squeals when he walks in from work. She is his world and no matter what this baby is, boy or girl, it will be too.

I have to say though, I may have a hard time calling this one anything other than dylan, If it does end up having an "innie" instead of an "outie".

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