Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Madison got tubes today! She was such a trooper and charmed all the doctors and nurses. She was a little loopy after the surgery but has been her usual wild self this evening. My mom stopped by yesterday to give Madison a magic pig that would help her feel better after her surgery! She took it and the blanket she got for Christmas back with her.
 She is SO stinkin cute in the hospital pajamas. She loved them. The car behind her was how they took her back to the operating room. She got to go pick it out, then her and daddy got to run up and down the hallways in the hospital with it while we waited for everything to be ready to go. We went on and said our goodbyes and hugs before the car ride so when it was time, they could just take over the driving for daddy and wheel Moo right on back. She thought it was awesome!
I guess Maddie's magic pig worked cause she's been bouncing off the walls all evening. She's finally asleep now. Thanks for all the prayers. We appreciate it! Madison's totally "tube"ular now.

Monday, January 9, 2012

In Limbo

I feel like that's where we are right now - in limbo. If I had known it would take this much waiting to buy a house, we would have started looking much earlier. But if we'd done that, we'd never found this great house we've been waiting for (because it was out of our price range til we started looking.)

The reason for all the waiting is that the house is a short sale. That means the owner is selling the house before it is foreclosed on and I think because of this, it saves the bank some money since they don't have to foreclose on it.  They do have to take a loss on it though, but in all actuality, considering the money they've made in interest on the house, they're not losing anything. But still... The waiting game drives me crazy. It's all I can think about right now (that and maddie's tubes... more on that later.)

This week is the big week for us I think. This week decides so much of our near future. Here's why... The bank has already approved of our offer on the house. Because the price was lower than the amount the owner owed, mortgage insurance had to approve of the offer as well, since they will paying the bank back some of it's losses. Anyways, that happened on Wednesday of last week though we didn't hear about it til Friday. There is one heck of a grapevine the news has to travel through to reach us! At the moment, we are waiting on the actual lenders to approve of our offer. Makes no sense to me, but the bank we were negotiating with before is just that... negotiators. Another bank is the actual lender and has to approve of the offer.  I heard from our realty agent today that we should hear from them by Friday. Our agent has told us that he would like a good 3 weeks to close on the house. And that is why this week is so important. If we hear from the lenders by Wednesday, We can probably close on the 27th, which means we would move directly into our house. If we don't hear from them until Friday, Our close date will more than likely be the first week in February.

It wouldn't really be a big deal, except that as everything stands now, we have to be out of our apartment on the 27th. Which is a Friday. We will be slightly "homeless" for a couple to a few weeks. Don't worry though. We have a place to go. Chris's mom and dad are wonderful and will let us stay in their empty bedroom upstairs until everything works out. As grateful as I am to have that safety net there, I'd really rather not use it. So I'm praying... HARD! And hoping that I get a call in the next 2 days saying everyone and their mom has approved of our offer and we're ready to start the closing process. If not... Then we'll be moving twice in less than a month. For now... It's Limbo.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution

My New Years Resolution for 2012 is to RUN!

I'm going to run run run run run all year long.

My actual goal is to run at least one 5k (or farther run) a month (12 in all, in case I can't quite get 1 in every month, I may have to do 2 in one month)

At the end of the year, when I have 12 t-shirts from all of these runs, I'm going to make me an awesome t-shirt quilt.

I'm trying to talk Chris into doing this with me. He's a bit hesitant, and not sure he'll be ready for our January run (not sure when it is yet... hopefully towards the end of the month) but we're making it a rule that if one of us needs to go exercise or run, the other one should let them (within reason). So if he starts this week, I'm sure he'll do fine. 

I'm excited though. And I think I can actually keep this resolution. It's easy and tangible I guess. Not like "grow more spiritually" or "become a better person."

It's something I can do, I can schedule, and I can run. 

I'm way excited and can't wait til the end of the year to be able to make my quilt and show it off. Anyone else have any resolutions?