Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Madison got tubes today! She was such a trooper and charmed all the doctors and nurses. She was a little loopy after the surgery but has been her usual wild self this evening. My mom stopped by yesterday to give Madison a magic pig that would help her feel better after her surgery! She took it and the blanket she got for Christmas back with her.
 She is SO stinkin cute in the hospital pajamas. She loved them. The car behind her was how they took her back to the operating room. She got to go pick it out, then her and daddy got to run up and down the hallways in the hospital with it while we waited for everything to be ready to go. We went on and said our goodbyes and hugs before the car ride so when it was time, they could just take over the driving for daddy and wheel Moo right on back. She thought it was awesome!
I guess Maddie's magic pig worked cause she's been bouncing off the walls all evening. She's finally asleep now. Thanks for all the prayers. We appreciate it! Madison's totally "tube"ular now.


  1. Reminds me a lot of how Vanderbilt was before Cole`s surgery. Glad she`s doing okay.

  2. Children's Hospitals are just amazing. I'm so glad it was a good experience for her. When T had her adenoids out she was about 2 or was pretty young and really hard. I hope her recovery is well and everything is sucessful. She is just a doll.


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