Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm a walker

Yup... I have been walking. :) Since I'm here at chris's mom's and dad's, I've been watching chris's mom's "Walk Away The Pounds" DVD's. I haven't been following any real pattern. Just walking as much as I think I can that day. I walked 3 MILES yesterday! It felt so good. I'm just a tad bit sore today... not nearly as bad as I thought I would be. Guess that means I'm more fit than I thought. Not a bad thing at all. I've just been aching to get as healthy as I can. And since I can't really exercise (no sit ups or aerobics or anything for a while still) walking is about the only thing I can do. So when Taylor and Maddie are both sleeping... I walk.

I'm proud of myself. I even made me a little chart in my notebook with 8 W's on it (for my water for the day) a V for my vitamin and a little place to write how much I walked that day. Silly, maybe, but it helps me. I think I'm rubbing off a bit on chris too. Last night he said he wanted to take Taylor upstairs to play, so I thought he was just trying to give me a bit of a break. Then I heard a loud bang, so I went to make sure they were okay. He was up there working out while taylor played! I'm proud of my man. :) We're just health machines now! Except for the ice cream we bought last night! :) I have to have one little indulgence!

My sister-in-law Monica told me this weekend about a friend who sets a Fitness Goal every year. Last year she ran in a marathon, and this year she's trying out for a bikini contest. I thought this could be a great idea for me (not the bikini contest... the fitness goal!) So I'm going to look into it soon and see what other ideas I can come up with and choose one. Hopefully this little health kick of mine lasts. They usually don't, but I'm going to try real hard to stick with it this time. Wish me luck. The girls are sleeping, so i'm going walking! Maybe I'll stick with 2 miles today so I don't push myself too much.


  1. Wahooo you go girl!!! I have been trying to walk myself. Its very hard to do everyday. Keep it up!!

  2. You go! :) I try to walk 3+ miles at least 3 times a week and run around a mile 2 times per week. I must admit I have only gone walking once this week. I've been off because of Ian leaving. But I'm so walking in the morning and I may sneak another walk in Saturday sometime. My goal is to be ready for the Air Force 10K next September. :)


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