Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Soup"er Man

Me and Taylor have the oddest conversations sometimes!
Me: I've got the two prettiest girls in the world.
Taylor: Maddie's a baby.
Me: I've got the prettiest little girl and the prettiest baby in the whole wide world.
Taylor: I'm a big girl. Daddy's a big girl too!
Me: Daddy's not a big girl. Daddy's a man.
Taylor: Nuh uh!
Me: Yes he is. He's a super man!
Taylor: A "soup"er man?
Me: Yes.
Taylor: Soup! (holds hands to mouth like sipping from a bowl of soup) Slurp!

Taylor's Daddy is a "Soup"er Man

This also reminds me of the time Michael and Leeann went out to eat... The waiter asked michael "Soup or Salad?" and michael asked "What's a Super Salad?"

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