Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now open to the public

That's right... I got a bit sick of not posting anything... and I was trying to figure out why I'm not posting anything anymore. I think it's the whole private thing. It made it harder for others to look, so I was wondering, Who's Looking? Also, some family members and close friends weren't able to see the blog even when they were logged in and after many invites to be able to read the blog. So i gave up. I did however make it so that my blog is completely hidden from the rest of the world, unless you specifically come to this blog! No searches can find it (I think) so we're pretty much off the radar that way.

Anyways... be on the look out for more posts. I've got lots of things here to talk about... and the next 3 days off of work!!! Woohoo

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