Saturday, June 28, 2008

More adventures with Taylor

I have been meaning to post a few pictures recently and I just haven't done it yet. These first few pictures are from one morning last week. When we get up in the morning, I usually put taylor in my bed and let her watch cartoons while I sleep for another 30 minutes or so. Taylor got ahold of a pen that morning while I was Napping and colored all over herself. She was SO proud. When I woke up and looked over at her, she held her foot up in front of my face for me to see her wonderful artistic efforts. I couldn't be mad. She's just too cute.

Can you just tell how proud she is?

All over her foot! Her foot looks so big in this picture.Her belly got some coloring too...

The picture below are of taylor sleeping. So I do realize in most of the picture on here, my daughter is naked. I do want you all to know she doesn't run around without clothes on all the time. For some reason, that's just when I happen to get my camera out. Please don't call DCS... :) Taylor sleeps EXACTLY like her dad does. He always has an arm or two up over his head. He can't stand to have them down at his sides or anything. And Taylor's the same way. And, I have never seen anything more perfect in my entire life than Taylor peacefully napping! My daughter is absolutely gorgeous. And I've very biased!

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  1. LOVE THE ART work that is so cute!!!!! she cracks me up. She is to the age where she is so fun. You make cute babys keaven cant wait to see baby maddie


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