Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dr. Appt and Swimming

I had my OB appointment yesterday and all is well. My dr. was in an Emergency C-section (only the 2nd time that's happened to me since I got pregnant with Taylor, I think that's pretty good!) so I only met with the nurse, but it was the one that works there all the time, not one of the "temp" nurses. I don't know what else to call them, but they kinda float from dr to dr in the office I guess(there's like 10!) Anyways. I've gained weight. The most I've gained so far... That's so exciting for me. The baby's heartbeat sounded great. I told the nurse that this little girl moves just as much as taylor did, if not more, and she said she could tell by the heartbeat she'd be a spitfire! LOL. Guess that means we'll have Two little drama queens in the house. I also asked about c-sections and how many my dr. will let me have. She said it all depends on the thinning of my uterus and they'll let me know how it looks when they do this c-section... I'm pretty sure this kid won't be our last, but I'm a little nervous the next one might. Hopefully I'm able to have the big family I've always dreamed about. Anyways. I also had my Gestational Diabetes test. The glucose drink made me sick. I had to fight so hard not to throw it up. And I got all light headed and such. Hope the test comes back okay. I don't want to get stuck doing the three hour test up there! Especially with how Taylor behaved at Grandma's!!! I'm suppose to get a call today on the results. I'll let ya'll know when I find out!

After my appointment, me and Taylor went swimming at Aunt LeeAnn's pool. It was so much fun! I was terrified of her getting sun burned. So I loaded her up with sun screen when we were getting dressed. I also put some on her after we'd been there a while. And she did fine (her face got irritated by the sunscreen so I need to find some for her face.) and no SUNBURN!!! She LOVED the water! She splashed and kicked and laughed... She loved it! I'm so excited! She was such a grump when we got there, but the water cheered her right up. I wanted to try her under just a bit! Babies have a reflex where if you blow in their face they inhale real fast and then you put them under for just a second. It might sound mean, but it's really not. She does fine when water gets in her face in the tub, so I'm sure she'd be fine, but I decided I didn't want to be the first one to do it, and she wouldn't go to leeann, so it didn't happen. Maybe next time. She loved her little floatie though. She just sat in it and floated all around the pool (never far out of my reach.) I can't wait to go swimming with her again! It was so much fun! We swam for an hour straight! And she slept so good last night! This definately has to become a weekly thing! Maybe I can get a little bit of a tan too! We'll see!

So that's what's been happening! Dr's appts and swimming pools. Hope ya'll summers are going good too!

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  1. Hey Keaven! I finally stumbled upon your blog! I didn't even know you had cute! You are such a cute mom. I hope your glucose levels are okay - that drink is NASTY. I'm glad you've gained some weight. Some of us have no trouble with that part. :) Taylor is so stinkin cute.


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