Thursday, May 29, 2008

Taylor's First Birthday Party!

Thank you for everyone who came to Taylor’s party! It was fun… Sick kids and all! And Taylor loves her gifts. Grandma and Grandpa gave her $20 and she got some Mega Blocks with it! Matt and Candace gave her a bubble machine, and all she can say is “WOW” whenever we turn it on… a BIG hit guys! John and Krystin gave her some real cute sunglasses and a hand made headband with changeable flowers! They’re so stinking cute. I need to wash all her dresses so she has something to wear with them. Oh, and a purse… Which should be a BIG hit too… cause she’s always trying to put my purse over her shoulder! Now she has her own. She also got a swimsuit and cover up from her future Aunt LeeAnn (OH THAT”S RIGHT!!! Michael’s ENGAGED!) She got some books my Mamie and Papa which she loves. A ball pit and pool from me and Chris among some other stuff…

All in all, I think it was a great party! The best part was just hanging around with everyone. But that’s always my favorite part. So below are the pictures with a few comments… ENJOY!
Poor will felt sick :(
Here's Isaac
Can I look any more gross?
Isaac caught taylor with the fishing pole!
lily eating snacks from her daddy
LeeAnn and Chelsea
Grandma and grandpa caught a taylor too!
Taylor and lily playing
Chris caught a taylor also!
Chris and taylor, john and isaac
taylor's glasses!
her glasses from LeeAnn

This was her birthday dress!
Eating her cake
about 1/2 gone!
saying she's 1!!!
and lastly, here's the cake I made... tried to make it look like her piano!


  1. Cute piano cake! :) Looks like she enjoyed the other one too! :) Missed you Tuesday... Does this count for VT? ;) haha

  2. Cute Cake!!! My favorite picture is her eating the cake!!! Love the chubby legs. So dang cute!

  3. Her party looks like it was a blast. The fishing pole pics are so cute. Great job on the cake!!!


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