Monday, May 19, 2008

Broken Camera, Broken Heart

My camera fell off the bed today. It wasn't any one's fault necessarily. Could have been mine, or Taylor's, or Cayce's... (as badly as I would like to blame it on cayce, it was purely an accident.) So it's kinda broken right now. It makes me want to cry (there's those good ole reliable pregnancy hormones kicking in for ya!) I think it's just the lens. So I call Chris to tell him... It is still workable... It just takes longer cause allot of the auto-ish stuff doesn't work now. But a new lens is only $300-ish dollars... that's not bad right? I could hear his jaw drop over the phone!

"But babe, a new digital SLR camera would be well over $2000... $300 for a new lens is nothing compared to that!"

Okay, so I know a new lens right now is out of the question. A new camera... I'm simply dreaming. But I can dream right? I feel like having a memorial service for the camera. It's not actually dead... It's still kicking, but I think it's mostly reflex. Give it another few months (or one more fall from the bed) and it's done! Kaput!

And what will I do then?!? Life as I know it will be over. My outlet, my hobby, my release, my freedom will be gone! I might be acting a bit dramatic... But this is one of my major loves. Besides chris, taylor, family, church, and friends,I have my camera!

*Sigh* I suppose I will simply wish that one day me and chris will be able to afford a nice new camera for me... Maybe even a special room to keep it in (Not solely for the camera... just photography-esque stuff!) Maybe i should find a hobby/passion not quite so expensive.

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  1. oh freak! that sucks girl. And will be a pretty penny. yickes


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