Wednesday, May 7, 2008

27 hours and counting

Til me and chris and taylor find out whether the new little member of our family is male or female. Have I blogged about our names yet? Well here goes.

If this little one is a boy, it will be Dylan James. I've been toying with the idea of calling him Dyl for short... maybe even Pickle :) LOL... Now there's C-note (Chris), K-rod (me), T-bone (Taylor), and D-pickle :) Well, That's if it's a boy.

If it's a girl, the name is Madison Emmarie. I might change the spelling to Maddison... any opinions? We'll call her Maddie though... Not quite sure how we're gonna spell it... but I might stick with what I've got above... I don't want to use T's in it though... Cause it makes me think of Matted, like the fur on my parent's dog's butt!

So there you have it. We'll find out tomorrow if we're having a Pickle or a Maddie! And I can't wait! It's almost meeting the baby for the first time. Or spying on the baby. I think he/she can tell I'm excited though... cause he's/she's doing somersaults in my belly right now :)

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  1. Love the names sister!!!! Dylan and Madison were both on my baby name list of favorites


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