Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lost Keys!!!

So last night, I ran a couple errands, and when I got back home, chris was playing x-box and taylor was watching/playing. She loves to untie chris's shoes and had done that... she got a hold of his car keys and played with those. She was just getting into alot of stuff... my purse and such... Then it was bed-time so we went and laid her down with her bottle and we cleaned our room. Not like thorough vaccuming and dusting... but just a general pick stuff up and put it where it goes. So our room was looking pretty good. Then Chris realized, he didn't have his keys. Taylor had them last... so we start looking around the floor, in front of the tv, under the tv, behind the dvd shelf, under my desk, under the bed, under our mini-fridge, under our pillows, under our comforter, in taylor's toys, under the chair, in the trash, in the dog's bed, in the desk drawers... You get the point. We looked, and looked, and looked for those keys. Chris was getting pretty aggravated, which he doesn't do often... maybe like once every few months. I told him they had to be here somewhere... I honestly thought that maybe he had picked them up and put them somewhere since we couldn't find them in our room anywhere... and Taylor had stayed pretty much in a 6 foot radius all night til bed time. I even went to check her and see if she'd stuck it down her onesie! Nope... Not in her bed either... Where the heck could the keys have gone? Chris was getting a little angry now. "She's never playing with my keys again. She's never playing with anything that I NEED again." He kept saying stuff like that. And he doesn't get mad... really... so this is strange behavior for him. I was getting nervous that we wouldn't find them... and I was trying to keep him calm while secretly thinking he had done something with them... after all... where else could Taylor have put them? After seriously about like 45 + minutes of us tearing our clean room apart looking for those keys chris said... LET ME CHECK MY SHOES!!! Now taylor has a shoe/foot fetish. She loves feet and shoes. She won't wear them often, but she loves them. She always gets in our closet and unties all of chris's shoes. If she ever see's him with his shoes tied, she has to untie them. So, because she had been playing with/untying his shoes beore bed, he finally thought to check them. And there, Shoved down into the toe of his shoe, were his keys. :) I busted out laughing. I couldn't help it. It was just too weird/silly/random/funny. :) Chris even started chuckling... :) How can you be mad at a sweet little girl like Taylor? It's too hard sometimes. I guess that's a good thing. I think chris may stick with his refusal to give taylor his keys... atleast for a day or two :) But he's wrapped around her finger.
So... Lesson learned... Don't let taylor play with your keys and your shoes at the same time or you'll wind up looking for them for a while :)

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  1. LOL oh that is a cute little story. You need to get her some fake keys or find real ones that dont go to anything and give them to her


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