Sunday, May 18, 2008

Taylor's First Birthday

Taylor had her first birthday Last Friday. There's been too much going on so it's taken me a couple days to post this. But here's how our day went! Just a warning... This blog will be FULL of Pictures! And it may be kinda boring, but it's kinda like a journal entry for me I guess... I want to be able to remember all that happened that day.
We woke up early and I usually sleep in a bit while she watches tv but I stayed up with her and played... then we went down for breakfast and then we got taylor dressed and ready for her BIG DAY! She wore a new little pink dress and her "Birthday Princess" Crown that Carol Sudekum got for her before she was even born. She was too stinkin cute!
After we got dressed and ready, Taylor, My sister Cayce, her boyfriend Joey, and I all went and had lunch with Christopher at CiCi's Pizza! It was yummy! We did have one little mishap while we were there though. Taylor's diaper was full (just wet) and so I took her into the bathroom to change her. But there was no changing station so I just went into a stall and stood her on the floor and started to change her diaper with her standing up. The second I took her wet diaper off... she started peeing... on the floor. I didn't know what to do... I was frozen! So, I went on a put the new diaper on, then washed her legs and feet off... it was gross... but funny too. That's never happened to me before.

After lunch we came home for taylor to take a nap. She laid down with some of her favorite "babies" and slept for a good while. She woke up a little before christopher got home from work. That evening was also Avery's Graduation Party so, we went to that and hung out for a while. She of course wore her princess crown all day! After we left the party, Chris and I took her to Chuck E. Cheese, for just a little bit of playing. They gave her a BIRTHDAY STAR sticker and I got a VERY IMPORTANT PARENT sticker. We had her picture taken riding with Chuck E. and also had a drawing done of me and her. She loves to ride those little cars and buses and stuff. She squealed the whole time! After she had some fun, me and chris played a couple games too. We won some tokens for her and went and got her a couple sticker sheets and lollipops. She ate a lollipop on the way home. It got everywhere, so when we got home we had to give her a little bath. Chris watched her while I went and got a couple little presents set up. We didn't want anything big, since her party is not til next week, but we had to celebrate just a little bit on her actual birthday!
We waited til my parents were home from Avery's Party (they had gotten her just a couple little things) and when they got there, we started a little celebration for her! This was at like almost 9 at night though... so it was a little late for her... but she stayed up and happy like a champ. After opening a few gifts with help from daddy, she got the idea and had fun ripping the paper. Some of her gifts were in bags and after chris showed her how to pull out what was inside, she had no problem doing it on her own. Most of what she got was clothes (the toys will come next week) and we found out that our daughter is all about the tags!!! Every outfit she pulled out, she immediately found the tag and had to look at it. My little material girl! She had us cracking up. She would even hold up some of her gifts to show us what she got. :) It was too funny.

After we opened a few gifts, we decided to give her a little cake. :) A prelude to next week at her party! We had gotten her a small little cake at kroger, and put a candle on it. :) We had to sing to her twice cause the first time, I was carrying the cake to her and blew the candle out while I was singing. Oops. The 2nd time around, I think the flame scared her, so me and chris blew it out for her. Then we let her go at it. At first she was a little timid about it. And I think it weirded her out too that we were all sitting there staring at her (I know it'd weird me out to have 8 people just watching me eat.) But she loosened up and got into it. Chris and Joey helped her out a little by shoving her hands into the cake. She thought it felt funny. She kept just squishing it all in her hands.

When she got done (she kept trying to give it to chris) we started to clean her up. The poor sleepy girl tried to rub her eyes, with all that cake on her hands, and it got all over her face. We cracked up laughing! It was so funny to see her covered in cake like that. :) Chris gave her ANOTHER bath while I washed off the table and stuff and got her presents put up. Then we gave her a sippy cup (NO MORE BOTTLES!!!) and then put her to bed!

All in all I think it was a GREAT first birthday! I know she won't remember it at all, but I really wanted to make sure she had a good day. She was the "Birthday Princess" for the day! And I tried to treat her like one! Now I can't wait til next week when she gets her toys and such. And ALL of our family can be there to celebrate our little girl.
These other pictures were taken last night at Avery's Graduation. I thought they were too cute not to share! Well, of taylor anyways. The dress is one from my mom and dad.


  1. So cute!!!! 1 year wow time goes by fast. Happy Birthday Taylor

  2. Happy Birthday! I love her at Avery's graduation. She looks like a big toddler now.


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