Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's late and I"m drugged

That sounds kinda bad, so let me explain. I woke up this morning with a crazy tooth ache. I have bad teeth. I inherited them from my mom. Anyways, It is the WORST pain I've ever been in my life... including having a c-section and the recovery, and a broken nose!!! It's so "in your head" that you can't think straight. I don't know how to explain how PAINFUL a tooth ache can be to someone who has perfect teeth (by the way, I want to punch you in the mouth and knock those great teeth right out :) ) I went to the dentist and yet again, a year later, they won't touch my teeth cause, duh da da duh!!! I'm PREGNANT! So they put me on a pain pill and gave me some antibiotics. The pain pill works... for about an hour and then i'm in the excruciating pain all over again!!! And I can't take another one til 6 hours after the first!!! So, I took a tylenol! Horrible I know. I"m terrified I"m drugging my baby, but I can't handle my responsibilities that are here already with this jack-hammer in my head! Luckily both of those responsibilities are asleep right now and I took a long bubble bath to try and relax and ease the pain a bit (it was a luke warm bath though :( Not worried about drugging the baby, but hot water? OH NO!)
Anyways, Chris, my mom, and my dad have been making fun of me all night cause I'm apparently acting funny. Well, I'm on a drugs! Hello! I think it's just kinda mean of them to be laughing at me in my condition. So poo on them! Not really. But anyways. That's my latest saga! Maybe one day, I'll have perfect teeth and people with bad teeth will want to punch my teeth out! Again... a dream of mine!

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