Friday, May 23, 2008

Dyed my hair!

So, Yesterday I bought a hair dye at walmart on a whim. I've been complaining to chris for a while that I hated my hair. It wasn't blonde, it wasn't brown... I didn't like it. So I bought a golden medium brown hair color... and thought maybe one day in the next few weeks, I'd dye it. Well... I was up last night at like 10... chris and taylor had BOTH gone to bed at 8! So i was like, what the hay! Now's as good a time as any. So I dyed it! I love it. I think I'm a better brunette than blonde-ish... whatever I was. Chris had no idea I'd even bought the dye, so he was suprised this morning. Though I had to tell him. It's a drastic change I think. But he didn't really notice. Neither did my dad, chelsea, kyle, avery, or michael! Kinda made me wonder if anyone ever really pays any attention to me. LOL. My mom said it's just cause it looks so natural. She said if it looked bad, people would notice. I guess she's got a point. And I had it dark brown for so long, I guess people are still kinda used to seeing me that way. Anyways. There will be pictures posted up tomorrow (of taylor's party) so I'm sure you'll see it!

Gosh, i've got a million things to do. Better get cracking/baking/cleaning/planning/decorating! I didn't know a birthday party could be so much work!

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  1. I will be doing that soon. Im afraid to do it while im pregnant. I plan on doing something crazy we will see if im brave enough when the time comes ha ha


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