Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's a.....

We're having...

Drum Roll Please!!!

A Baby!!!

Girl, that is :)

She will be Madison (Maddie) Emmarie Neely. She's doing good, right along schedule as far as growin and such. Very active little girl. Just as bad as Taylor. Which I'm glad for, she'll need to be to keep up with Taylor.

So, I was off. Oh well. I'm very excited it's a girl, since it will be a few years before we have anymore. Now Taylor will have someone to play barbie's and dress up with. They can always share a room! The room can be a girl room instead of a Neutral room. :) So I'm excited.

At my next appt we will be scheduling the rest of my appts til my c-section, so I'm excited about that... that's when the appts start every 2 weeks i think. And we'll go on and really schedule the c-section.

My uterus looks good they said. That may sound weird but for anyone else who has had a c-section and wants more kids you'll understand. It can be dangerous to have numerous c-sections and so for them to tell me mine looks very good and strong made me very happy. Maybe I will be able to have my 5 Kids! :)

My weight is still a little bit of an issue. So far total with this pregnancy I've gained... 1 pound. That's from my first appt til now. I did lose and then gained that back... but it still makes me nervous. They usually say if you're on the smaller side, you need to gain more. We'll see. I barely gained the recommended amount with Taylor and I guess that's what I'm going to do again. Anyways.

Everything is good. Taylor is doing good (she waved to her little sister, and Maddie waved back :) ) Chris is excited!!! I'm excited, the baby is healthy and moving and growing... So life is grand!

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