Thursday, May 1, 2008

The New and Improved Taylor

Well, she's not actually improved (she couldn't get any better) but she's doing alot more. It's so funny to see all she's learning. She's walking ALL OVER now. She's still pretty wobbly, but she does prefer walking to crawling. She kinda walks sideways alot though. It makes me laugh. She takes side steps, inching her way to her destination :) I'll videotape it soon and put it up.

She's also learned to roll her arms "round and round" when I sing the wheels on the bus. It's so cute. My mom actually taught her to do that.

She is now shushing me too :) Me and chris the other night were showing her how to put her finger up to her mouth and say "shhhhh" and now she likes to do it at me when I'm telling her no! :) What a little attitude my dear daughter has. Where she gets it from is a mystery to me! LOL.

I actually swear I heard her say "no,no" this morning to me when I was cleaning up some stuff she was getting into. :) It's so funny I can't help but laugh and smile (most of the time) but I'm almost afraid it'll turn into a game to her. It's cute now for her to talk back, but in year or two (probably less) I'm sure it'll drive me nuts.

That's been our life lately. With other boring stuff in between. I'll spare you those details. I'm getting so excited planning her party though :) I can't believe my little baby is almost a year old! Time has flown.

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