Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sick, Sick, and more Sick

Okay, So I’m starting with the most current postings and going backwards. Let me start with the past few days. I had fully intended on writing all sorts of blog stuff the other day. And that’s when I got sick. I knew Taylor was coming down with it. And then it hit me… HARD! Between the throwing up, pooping, and general sicky-ness… it was hard to get motivated to sign on and write. So I didn’t. Taylor’s fever finally got bad enough last night to really worry me, and it’s stayed pretty much like that all day. So I’ve been fighting the illness myself, and trying to take care of her. Now we’re both puking and pooping (sorry if that’s TMI… That’s just mommy hood!) And when she throws up, it makes me throw up, and then I get to clean double! It’s real fun. Let me tell you what. So more exciting news… Chris came home sick today. I think from the moment he came home until the present moment, he’s been OUT of bed a total of 5 minutes… to change clothes and to use the bathroom!

Part of me really feels bad for myself. After all, I’m just as sick as Christopher or Taylor, yet, I have to take care of everyone. Add on top of that being pregnant. I think my “backstage pass” as my family likes to call it is getting pretty large! But then again… How many women before me have had it much worse… have been too sick to move, and still had to take care of their families. I’m such a baby. I need to suck it up and get over it. Heck… my own mom taught the last two months of seminary with a broken leg… waking up every morning and getting my own 3 youngest brothers and sisters up and making them get ready for school, going and teaching, planning her lessons all week, getting ready for graduations, parties… That’s when I feel pretty pathetic. So no more complaining.

No, it’s not fun to be sick and pregnant and have to take care of my sick baby and hubby at the same time, but I will do it the happiest heart I can manage. After all… I love them very much and want them to get the best care. Who can do that better than me? So there it is, why I haven’t posted all I said I would. But they’re coming now, cause I’m up and can’t sleep. Might as well spend my time in some way right? So get ready to read! Enjoy!

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