Monday, May 5, 2008

mama, baby!

So every morning, taylor does the cutest thing. She has this canopy of stuffed animals over her bed. They used to be all cute up there, but now they're just thrown all over. Well, every morning when I go to get taylor out of her bed, She points up to her canopy and says baby. I get a different one down for her everytime and she hugs her baby. She sits there and holds it, she learned how to rock one this weekend, and she kisses it. They she lays in my bed and watches her morning cartoons til I'm ready to go downstairs for breakfast! I love it. I love that she's attatched to these "Babies" we've gotten her, or others have gotten her. There are a few favorites in the bunch. The little stuffed Boston Terrier Dog that chris got her for Valentine's day is a favorite. And the teddy bear chris got me/her when she was born. And her carebear she got for easter. She also sleeps with a "baby" but wants a new one in the morning. It's too stinkin cute!

Here's her canopy... It's not reall big, so it's filled to the brim already. I think I need to make a bigger one.

Loungin on my bed with her green elephant. She loves to kiss this one on the end of his trunk :) It's funny.


  1. She cracks me up!!! She is so cute!! I think its so cute when kids run around with just a tshirt on and a diaper

  2. I laugh every time i get on your blog. Her pictures are so funny! Keep up the good work Keaven

  3. emmy's first word was baby. I love little girls and their babies. Even if their baby is an elephant


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