Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our run-in with the law!!!

Last night me and chris went out to see a movie, since we were babysitting friday night. After the movie, I wasn't feeling good AT ALL and we had to stop at Kroger from some milk. So chris went in and I stayed in the car, but I layed down in the seat, cause like I said, I was feeling like the poop! Chris was out in like 2 or 3 minutes and we left. As we pulled out of Kroger a police officer pulled up behind us and after a second or two turned his lights on. Chris was MAD to say the least. He hadn't done anything to get pulled over for and couldn't for the life of him figure out what was wrong. We pulled over and the police officer came up to the car and shined his flashlight all over the car and at us like he was looking for something. Chris rolled down his window and the officer told he pulled us over cause someone had reported a child locked in a blue sentra in the Kroger parking lot. They have new laws on leaving children alone in the car, but chris told the officer the only child we have was at home with her grandparents. We were both a little dumbfounded at first... til we realized it was me!!!

Someone called the police thinking I was a little kid locked in the car all alone! We couldn't help but crack up laughing when we figured out what was going on. The police officer apologized up and down for pulling us over, but chris told him he was just doing his job and he'd rather have them respond to the call than not. Chris had the officers laughing though... he told them the only kid in the car was still in my belly! One of the officers had to come and talk to me about how I positioned when I was laying down in the car so he could write about it in his report! LOL.

I've been mistaken for being quite a bit younger than I am, but never by this much. They thought I was like 5-10 or something like that... I dunno. It cracked us up though. Now I keep teasing chris about him being my dad! And leaving his kids locked in the car. He's such a negligent parent.


  1. Holy freak!!!! Ha ha Bless your heart. Keaven your never going to get old lucky you!! I have been asked if I was Corbin and Derecks Mom before I was like awww NO im the sister. Least people think your young dont ever feel bad about that.

  2. OK so that is freakin HILARIOUS! haha
    Its ok I get asked all the time how old I am and look at me crazy when they see all my kids!

  3. Keaven, I could not believe it when I saw you have a link to MY blog! Thank you! I have to wonder, do you realize who I am? That we used to live in your ward and I adore your mom? How are you girl? We'll have to chat...soon! It's good to "see" you and your little family! All the best, Jackie


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