Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Post Real Fast

Taylor had her 1 yr dr. visit this week (only a month late.) She's 19 lbs. 10 oz (I think she lost some being sick... and with the walking now she's loosing her pudge.) She's 27 3/4 inches tall/long. Her head is huge compared to the rest of her... but she's healthy as can be. No teeth at all though. I'm seriously doubting whether they will ever come in. She'll have her 15 month visit in a few months though, and I guess if she doesn't have any in by then, they'll do something about it (x-rays to make sure the buds are there.)

This week has been rough on Chris. On Monday, He had a Tire POP on his truck so he's been using my car all week. Then On Thursday his computer stopped working (we bought it 3 months ago!!! Brand NEW.) Then last night his x-box quit working and has the "3 red lights of death" or something weird like that. Some weird x-box obsessed nerd came up with that. He did get a GREAT father's day present though... a 12 gauge shot gun... 28 inch barrel. He won't quit talking about it, but now he's just certain that it won't shoot since everything else of his is breaking this week. He won't touch his IPOD for fear that it won't work either. I don't blame him. I feel bad. I even cried my eyes out Thursday night cause I felt so bad about his Laptop!!! Thank you hormones! Maybe We'll be able to get everything fixed in the next few weeks and he'll be happier.

We did go to the movies last night... What's that, like 4 weeks in a row now? And we have this whole summer movie schedule now. Every Friday night is movie night for us. Next week we're going to see Love Guru I think. Definately Batman Begins....

OH YEAH... and EMMA SMITH:MY STORY is coming to Nashville!!! I'm too freakin excited! We'll definately see that one (end of july!) So that's been our week! Kinda poopy for chris, but otherwise, we're all healthy and doing good!

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