Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy Bee Neelys!

It seems like this week has been BUSY BUSY BUSY. Yesterday was by far the BUSIEST day I've had in a LONG time. Monday started rather slow... I didn't have much going on... but I didn't want anything, since the rest of the week was going to be so nuts. Tuesday, We finally fixed chris's truck (the tire had popped and needed to be replaced, but after sitting for so long without being started, we had to replace the battery also!) Wednesday, We went out to chris's parents house, and then over to Mark and Lori's (my old bosses) and spent the night so I could baby sit yesterday.

So now we come to my fun/crazy filled yesterday. I woke up at 5 so that I could shower and be up just incase elizabeth woke up with her mom left for work... For those who don't know, Elizabeth is the little girl I nannied before I had Taylor. Mark and Lori are her mom and dad. Anyways, I stayed up for a bit, and elizabeth slept, so I went back to sleep, but got up at like 7 to start my day for real! I made breakfast for me and Taylor and Elizabeth, put our sleeper sofa bed away, washed our sheets, cleaned lori's house, finished getting ready, got elizabeth ready, got taylor ready, and by that time it was 10! So we went on to the mall and spent 3 hours there. Of course I got the dirty looks from little old ladies who think I'm a kid with 2 kids and one on the way! But it didn't bother me. Taylor and Elizabeth got some dolls from the Disney store (Elizabeth loves Ariel, and I got Taylor a sleeping beauty doll, my favorite.) They played and played and played on the play place... Taylor even got to where she will go up the stairs and down the slide pretty good! I think it had alot to do with Elizabeth being there and helping and showing her how to do it. They play great together (Elizabeth is about 3 1/2.) Then they rode on a few of the car rides... Taylor loved them... Elizabeth tolerated them. They split a happy meal for lunch... and then some more play time. I was a little nervous about how Taylor would handle all this since it was during her first nap time. She did fine though and laughed and enjoyed herself, I think.

I had my OB appointment after that. I was worried about taking the two girls with me, but both were so well behaved. Elizabeth got books for her and Taylor to look at and I read a magazine while we waited. My OB... Dr. Wise, is also lori's ob so she delivered Elizabeth as well as Taylor. Just a fun little fact. Elizabeth was facinated that I had to pee in a cup. As far as the actual appointment went, I've gained a good amount of weight. I'm way more on track now for weight gain than I was before. Maybe this will keep up and I'll hit the recommended amount by the time little Maddie is born. The heart beat sounded great. Dr. Wise reassured me about my contractions and the whole passing out thing. I just have to make sure and lay down when I feel it coming on so there are no accidents! We still haven't officially scheduled the C-section, but Dr. Wise knows about the whole 16 thing and thinks it's so cool! So we're definately going to have a baby on September 16th (Taylor was also born on the 16th and they are 16 months apart!) We'll schedule the time about 8 weeks before! So the middle of July we'll know!

Yesterday evening went by fast. We went back to mark and lori's and I made the girls lay down for a little bit since neither one had taken a nap all day. I made cream for Berries and Cream for our Neely Book Club Meeting last night. Lori's flight was delayed and I was worried I wouldn't make it over to chris's parents in time, but I did fine and Chris watched Taylor during the meeting. He said she fussed for me most of the time he was watching her. I've realized if I've really focused on her during the day and spending time with her, she prefers me when chris gets home from work. If I've been busy and she's had to play a bit more on her own, she prefers Chris. I guess that makes sense. If He's focusing more on her, she wants to keep that focus and hang out with him, or me if it's the other way around. My girlie loves attention!

Our book club meeting went good and I'm excited about next month's book. I've almost half-way done already. I'm not totally absorbed in the story, but I think it's good. I'll be posting a blog later today about the new book on our book club blog. So for those who aren't in the book club but are interested in the book, feel free to check it out.

Today will be a bit of a lazy day for me. The only thing I really need to do is go by the library cause my books were due back yesterday, but I may hold out on that one til next week... Then again, I just remembered I need to go to the bank, so I may just run out real fast when taylor takes her afternoon nap.

It's nice to just sit for a bit and not have something to do the second I get done here. But I do really appreciate and enjoy busy days when I feel like I've accomplished alot. Lazy days are nice too sometimes. I wonder what kind today will be.

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  1. wooo wee girl!! I know it sometimes its nice to be busy sometimes its like Im going to go crazy if i have to do one more thing. You need to take it easy. You are going to wear your self out.


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