Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Florida... Finally

Okay, I'm warning you, there are a TON of pictures. Enjoy.
Taylor's all set and ready to head out!

These two pictures were honestly taken about 30 seconds apart.

Taylor saying CHEESE.

She had made herself a little tent!

What happens when we stay up way to late in a way to tiny car.

What time we arrived in Florida... AM

The ocean!

Nice leg Chris!!! Anyone notice that Maddie is EATING the sand?
Maddie chillin, trying to stay out of direct sunlight. I love that leg up in the air.

taylor buried daddy

Daddy buried taylor

one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip

We were shopping at a few stores, and maddie was peaking at me through some shelves.

the bridge from Okaloosa Island to Destin

These doors cracked me up! I probably think they're alot funnier than they really are.

The fishing boats would come in and just start hacking up the fish right there on the sidewalk. It was NASTY.

She wouldn't smile, but she'd do this!

Chris likes this one of Maddie.

for those who love the office ~ this is the beach we were at before.

The only pic of all of us facing the same direction... chris wouldn't let me ask someone to take our pic... he thought they'd steal our camera.

I love this pic.

We were on the bridge from destin back to okaloosa island. I guess there's a bit of a sand bar out there. boats were just parking or docking or whatever and the people would get out and walk around the boats. It was weird looking.

on our way home we went to the Air Force museum.

our favorite plane there...

on our way back home, more tan and relaxed... actually burned and hurting... look at my neck... yes I was that red. I blistered up pretty bad. I'm STILL peeling.

Chris's new favorite drink... tastes a bit like dr pepper but not as sweet.

Okay... so on the way back home, taylor was coloring on her magnadoodle. She tells me and chris that she's drawing a bug... okay. Then she says she drawing a dog. Alright... We didn't pay much attention. Til I looked back and saw this... HOLY COW... she DREW a BUG and a DOG!!! my first thoughts were "GENIUS!" "She's gonna be an artist like her daddy and mamie and grandma!" She's funny about drawing. I don't think I've really seen anything quite like this since... But she does draw mickey mouse with one large circle for the head and two smaller once for the ears. It's cute. Oh, and she can write out a T. We've been working on her name.

more on taylor and maddie later. I"m going to do a birthday update for taylor (atlast) and a 9 month update for maddie soon. There will be LOTS more pics. Gotta love it. Anyways... We all LOVE florida and can't wait to go back. I would like to before the end of the year, but with us trying to get a house, it may not work. Depends on if I can get a day job too. We'll see. :) We will definately be going back at some point to Fort Walton Beach. It was AWESOME. the perfect anniversary gift to ourselves.


  1. I miss FLORIDA!!!!!! We stay in Okaloosa Island too I love it there. When we get my computer fixed I will post some florida pictures too. Looks like you guys had fun. i would so live there if it werent for the hurricanes

  2. FORT WALTON BEACH BABY!!! THATS THE PLACE TO BE!!!! Thats where we go every time. Its not to crowded and perfect for the kiddos.

  3. So jealous that y'all got to get away! Looks like y'all had such a good time. Man, your girls are growing! Ok, LOVED the "gulls" and "buoys"...too funny.


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