Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The best band EVER

I have stuck by my favorite band pretty hard over the past 10 years. I LOVED Staind. I really did. But they have been de-throned in the last 12 months. At first I felt like I was cheating... But I'm over that now. I still love Staind. But my new Favorite band is...


They kick BOO-TAY! I liked them before, but last October a friend gave us tickets to see them in concert at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville. It tied for my favorite concert EVER (Incubus is also number one in that spot. Heck, Incubus is probably my 2nd favorite band. Then maybe the Killers. I should make a list.) Anywho - The concert was great. They sound AMAZING live. Better than their cd's, which is rare now-a-days. With so much computer generated junk, no one ever sounds the same live. But they are Superb!

My Favorite songs are (in no particular order...) (Some of these songs may have bad words or lyrics not suitable for kids. Just thought I'd let you know!)

WooHoo - My 3rd favorite at the moment, The Bucket, Soft, Day Old Blues, Four Kicks, Knocked Up - My 2nd favorite, Charmer, On Call - GREAT SONG, My Party, Ragoo, Fans, Arizona - My #1 Favorite, Crawl, Sex on Fire, Use somebody, Manhattan, I want you, Happy Alone, California Waiting, Molly Chambers, Genius, King of the Rodeo, Slow Night So long

So, I think it's IMPOSSIBLE for these guys to write a bad song. They are great musicians and together they sound awesome. Anyways... The reason for this blog is

The "Kings" are moving on up. This october they will at the Sommet Center! I'm totally going to get there HOURS early to wait in line to hopefully be one of the first ones in so we can be right in front of the stage. It's hard to do general admission when you're so short... But it's so much better on the floor! It's going to be an awesome show. Yay for me and Chris - we're going to see a great great show!

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