Wednesday, June 17, 2009

9 Months Old

I can't believe Madison is 9 months old already. It seems like she was born last month. It also seems like in the past week or two she's turn into this whole other person. She went from being a baby to almost a toddler overnight. Here's a little about my 9 month old Maddie. As you can see... she takes the BEST pictures. I've never seen a baby smile the way Maddie does. She doesn't just smile with her mouth. It's like her whole countenance lights. She has the sweetest personality. There's something very special about Madison. I can't to watch her grow up.
Maddie is not really eating baby food anymore. She's ready to eat what everyone else is eating. She gets frustrated with me if I'm eating something different than her. I can sometimes get away with giving her a fruit or veggie baby food, but most of the time, she eats what we eat. And she's good at it too. She's great at chewing her food, or gnawing on it. And it's much easier on me :)
Maddie has her ears pierced now. :) We did them last Friday. Taylor had hers done at only 4 months, but with Maddie, timing was just off and so we hadn't had them done yet. I had the chance on Friday to get them done and I took it! I think they look awesome! She was STILL mistaken for a boy though... She was wearing a pink shirt, red skirt, and had her earrings in. People don't think before they speak.
Maddie is a crawling pro now (video coming soon.) The only thing I'm nervous about is stairs. I still feel uncomfortable letting Taylor go up and down stairs by herself. So Maddie makes me super nervous. She's cruising too. Not a lot yet, but some. She loves to pull up and stand... She's been doing that for well over a month now. And she'll walk if she's holding on to your hands. I think she's ready to be able to keep up with her sister.
I think Maddie may walk a bit early, but she definately won't talk early. She's only got one word so far, and she's only said it about 3 times. Her first word is "MAMA!" I think it's wonderful :) Taylor said bubba first (for dada) and I know most kids do, but Maddie is a mama's girl so it's fitting. Maddie does know a little sign though. She can say "more". We're working on eat, please and milk. I think that's probably all we'll teach her though. She can also do "touchdown" and clap. Oh, and she'll do the hand motions for itsy bitsy spider.
Maddie has her 2 first teeth. The only thing is they are on either side of her two front teeth (on top) so she's going to look a bit like a vampire for a little while. Her teeth took me by suprise cause Taylor didn't have any til 14 months. I figured Maddie would get them late too, but they're coming. I think her two front teeth will be in soon. It looks like they're trying to come in.
Madison and her daddy have become much closer lately with me working. She is also learning she doesn't have to be held 24/7. I think being able to get around a bit has helped with that. I'm so glad my maddie is growing. Every once in a while, for a millisecond... no, a nano second... I'll miss her being a teeny tiny baby. Then I get excited for what's to come. It'll be awesome to watch her and Taylor running around together playing(and fighting.)
Only 3 more months til my baby is 1 year old. It's hard to believe.


  1. she is so cute!!! I know they grow up way to fast. Matt said he wished Grant would stop growing for a few months just so he will stay little longer.

  2. These pictures are adorable! I have such a hard time believing that much time has passed! The last time (well, the only time) we saw her she was just 3 months old. :( She looks just like you, I think. Very her eyes!


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