Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Turball Two's!

Sorry to write it like that... but that's how Chris says it now. He told me God told him to say it like that from now on. :) He's on this weird kick where every time he does something, he says God told him too. I swear it's like I'm married to an 8 year old sometimes :) But I love it. And I love him...
Anyways... back to Taylor's Super Awesome, Kickin "Two-she", Birthday Party(ies)
First, I'll start with her ACTUAL birthday. We were on Florida for her birthday, and it was our last day there. So half of her day was spent in the car on the drive home (sad) but I think she had a great time. Because we were in a hotel room, we decided to stop by publix and just buy some slices of cake. We also bought a candle and a couple presents (wrapped in grocery sacks.)
Her evil eyes because we sang Happy Birthday to her!

Okay, so I just accidentally deleted this picture... taylor's next gift was a plush mickey mouse!

Next comes the "Party" at my parents. We never really had cake and ice cream with them... But they went on ahead and let Taylor open her presents... and boy were there ALOT of them. That's what happens when your from a big family.

Doesn't my dad look like the bad guy in iron man!

I was pretending to sleep on her new sleeping bag and pillow... she's trying to wake me up.

Thank you so much to my family for her gifts. She plays with her new toys daily and the clothes are so cute. :) We appreciate it.

And now, for her other "party." She told me she wanted Mickey Mouse! So I made her a Mickey Mouse cake, and toodles too! Savannah and Katie decorated for me! It looked awesome girls. We had a Mickey Mouse pinata. Instead of party hats, there were Mouse ears! That was one of my favorite parts. I think it was a great party. She got some way fun gifts from that side of the family too! Thanks everyone for her gifts. She loves to play with them all! I keep wanting to go through her toys and get rid of some stuff, but she's so good about playing with everything... I can't! Anyways... here's those pics too.

I have NO idea what she's doing here, but it's funny!

So that was Taylor's birthdays. I can't believe she's two... Coming next - Taylor now!

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  1. Looks like a fun birthday! That Mickey cake was awesome! Wish we could've been there. She's gettin' so big!


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