Sunday, December 27, 2009


Alot has happened this year. It's been a bit nuts for us. We started out the year at my parents house, then we moved into chris's parent's. This summer, Chris decided to become a pharmacist and started school this past fall to get all his prerequisites started. I started work at the YMCA in September. Taylor celebrated her 2nd birthday and we celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a trip to Florida in May. Maddie celebrated her first birthday in September. We had a great summer with our neice Katie here. There's been plenty of excitement in our extended family too, with a new sister-in-law, health scares, graduations, births...

2009 has been a full year for us, in so many ways. We have been blessed beyond belief this past year. And I'm so looking forward to next year.

Chris will be working closer to home.
We will be moving in the next few months (not far... don't worry!)
Chris will be taking spring semester off of school, but starting again this summer.
Taylor is turning 3 this may - old enough for classes of all kinds (music, gymnastics, dance, soccer, cheerleading... whatever we decide)
Hopefully we'll be finally making the trek out to Utah to visit family. (I'm working my tooshie off to save for it!)
I'm hoping to finally get my stuff together and really buckle down on getting routines together, and a schedule, and doing the home preschool.

I don't like to set new years resolutions... cause they're usually broken in a couple months anyways... But we do have some great goals for us, as a family, and as individuals. And I'm excited for it all. I hope you all have a great new years and are blessed this next year!

To 2010!!!!!!

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