Monday, February 21, 2011

Been a while

So it's been a long time since I posted.  My poor blog has been neglected. With everything there is to do, this is the last thing on my mind, but I'm home sick with only my own children here today so I figured why not.  There really isn't anything new, other than the fact that over the weekend I mostly finished cleaning and unpacking my room. I can now finally get to my craft/sewing/computer area and can stop using chris's laptop (though I'll probably still use it for school during the day.) I want to sew so badly, and have seen tons of new cute ideas, but I'm wanting to finish those previously started before I pick up new ones.  I have a few smaller projects for friends and family that need to be done, so those take priority. Also, I really want to get started on the girls quilts here soon.

Nothing else new really... other than some new bedding and a new TV stand... oh and the new apartment. We moved across the parking lot into a 2 bedroom. I got rid of alot of my stuff, and everyday I'm realizing there was stuff thrown away without my knowledge (I still love you though chris!)

I'm way excited for Time Out For Women to be here in a couple weeks. I am really needing this break and can't wait to be spiritually and emotionally uplifted and refreshed. I had a bit of it Friday night when me and 2 friends from church all went to the temple.  I also realized my recommend expires next month, so I'm gonna wear it out before I have to get a new one! Good plan huh?

I'm just jabbering now, so I'll go. As soon as I get my memory card back from my friend I'll post some pics. The girls are growing, and are coming out with new hilarious sayings daily! So yeah... Til Then!

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