Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nashville Nutcracker

Taylor and I were able to go see the Nutcracker on Saturday. We had a great time, though I did have my share of freakout moments. We showed up at about 12:45 though the show didn't start til 2. We were able to walk right up to will call to pick up our tickets so that was nice. Then we shopped for a little bit and picked out three dolls... an angel, the nutcracker, and Clara. We also got us some drinks and a snack before the show started. We walked around, were able to go with our group to have some cookies and drinks downstairs before the show, and listened to a story time about the unique parts of the Nashville Nutcracker. It was a blast. Then right as they open the doors and start letting everyone to their seats, we had our first nearly nervous breakdown. I stopped to get in my purse to pull out our tickets... and they were gone. AH! I almost started crying. I looked and looked but nope... weren't there. So we walked up to a lady who had been talking on the loud speaker and I told her I couldn't find me tickets and where our seats were located. She had them on the stand in front of her. Then it was all I could do to not start crying.  Anyways, we went to our seats and found out we were sitting by one of Taylor's friends from her dance class. Her mom was the one who told me about the deal on tickets. 

The show was awesome. Taylor started to fall asleep during part of it, but thanks to mama's dr. pepper she didn't miss much. We then went back stage after the show and were able to meet a few of the dancers and take some photos. It was so cool. We got to see all sorts of props and the stage sets and such. The details that go into it all were so beautiful. They're pretty from far away, but up close... WOW. Anyways, here's the pics of the show!

 waiting to go in

 during intermission, the dancing bear
 the only pic of the two of us together... can you tell I'm sick?
 Taylor was showing her the sparkles on her own dress. ;) It was sweet.

 taylor and clara
 this next one was taylor's favorite costume because of the flower crown she had on.
 taylor was WAY too shy to take a picture with the nutcracker. I think she may have a slight crush on him.
Taylor and the russian nesting doll. Her and the garden fairy are members of the church from the franklin stake I think. That's where we got the tickets from. 
 And last, taylor walking out of the set. I love this picture. She was so excited!


  1. Sounds like a nice evening...just the two of you. She is so cute!


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