Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer 2012

It has been a couple months since my last post and much has happened. We're settling in more in our house. The girls are growing, as are our dogs. Madison was accepted into pre-k so this fall I will be kid free during the day. Taylor turned 5 and is way excited for Kindergarten. I've taken lots of steps to fix my issues and have even started blogging about it all here (www.thismamaiscrazy.blogspot.com) ... I'm trying to think of what else has happened... Hmmm... I've gotten crazy baby hungry, but we're still waiting a while, my nieces came out from az for another visit... 

So yeah... Instead of rambling on and on... I'm just going to post a ton of pics. Enjoy.

Here's Field Day... 

 Taylor had fun, though she didn't participate all that much...
 We all traveled to Atlanta for me to meet one of my heroes... Jenny Lawson. I blogged all about it here, but here are the pics again.

 We stopped by the temple while we were in Atlanta. Our GPS totally threw us off though so it took us alot longer to find it then it should have.

 Taylor got to preform in the program at school. here she is all dressed up and ready.

 Isn't she cute?

 Taylor got to dance with one of her best friends at school, Preston. His twin brothers will be in Madison's Pre-K class next year.
 Taylor and Mrs. Johnson.

 Taylor and her bud, Carter... She couldn't figure out what his name was at the beginning of the year and kept calling him quarter.
 Mrs. Evelyn (or Twinkle Toes according to Taylor)
 Maddison pitched a fit for some reason... Her face here cracks me up.
We had a small party for Taylor's 5th Birthday.  I made her a crown cake.
 Here's baby max!
 Opening her gifts
 She said she wants to learn how to play everything that makes music, so we're starting with the piano.

 Blowing out her candle.
 The kids got a kick out of the microphone!
 Sorry this next one is crooked.  We built a huge fort in the living room to kick off summer.

 Then the girls had fun playing in water at grandma and grandpa's.

 Here's a pic to show how big our puppies are getting.
 Madison being a statue.
 A gorgeous rainbow we saw from teh back door one day.

Then the girls got to preform in their dance recital. they've worked so hard and done their best this year in dance class. It was so fun to see them up there on stage. We got videos up on Youtube...
 But here are some pics of us hanging out back stage before the show.

 Then my nieces from AZ came out to visit.  We hit up the splash pad...
 Most of our cousins were there... Including little max.

 We had fun on Father's day this past Sunday... Chris is such a great father... far more than I could have even imagined before we had the girls. They are definitely both daddy's girls. 
 We got him some fun pictures of them and some milk duds, one of his favorite candies.
 Other than that we've just been hanging out and having fun. This weekend we'll be going to Iowa to see my Granny Pearl and my Mamaw... My dad's mom and step mom. The girls have never met them, so it'll be fun. And a good short vacation for us. 
We're excited for what the rest of summer has in store for us. 

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