Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pink o' Blue

We're finally halfway through this pregnancy. I guess "finally" is the wrong word though, because it feels like time has FLOWN by, thanks to the holidays. The next 20 weeks are going to probably be some of the slowest of my life. I hope not. I pray not. But more than likely so.

This Wednesday we finally get to figure out if this little apple has a stem or not. The majority of people are saying they think it's a boy, either because of the way I'm carrying, or the fact that I look about 2 months further along than I am... or whatever. I think it's a boy, but it could just be wishful thinking. I thought Madison was a boy too... couldn't picture a little girl. (I don't think it was possible to have pictured her though. I'm still so fascinated by her.)

So who really knows. Well, we will... Wednesday.

But I want to see what everyone else is guessing. So make your votes and place your bets.

Pink or Blue???
** Take the poll just to the right so we can compare the guesses!


  1. I say Boy! What do I get if I am right? -David S.

  2. I am guessing a boy! What do I get if I am right?


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