Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Book of Mormon Photo Album.

A while back we made little Books of Mormon for our kids. You take a plain photo album, print out 4x6's of the gospel art book paintings, type up a little story for each photo, and put them into the photo albums. Well, I lost ours. About a year ago I found the perfect photo albums to make a new one.  So i bought it, but I have yet to make a new book.  Well, tonight I started working on our new one... Saving the images and typing up the stories. I wanted to share them with anyone else who might be interested in making one. Here's a link to see some other quiet books.  There is one kind of like mine, but not quite.

To make mine, I saved the images from here,4945,8555-1-4779-5,00.html and typed up the stories from here,4945,8896-1-4473-2,00.html. Here is my file that you can simply just print and cut out to make your own little book of mormon quiet book.

I'll be making an old testament, new testament, and latter day prophet one later and sharing those as well. And as soon as I get these all printed out and finished, there will be photos of the end product!

Here's the file again... Embedded!
The Book of Mormon

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