Monday, July 25, 2011

First Day of Dance Camp

Today is the first day of the girls dance camp. I'm so excited and nervous for them.  Have I mentioned how FREAKING adorable the girls are in their leotards and footless tights. I want to squeeze Moo til she pops! I will post pictures later.

How am I going to manage dropping off both children? 3 hours with someone not family? Or even considered family? I've met these ladies once.  And I know I'm a freak, but I have a hard time leaving the girls with someone I've talked to for all of 10 minutes. I know they'll be fine... but I'm a bit overprotective.  Time to get over that.

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  1. in this world.. you are NOT "overprotective" other parents are "under-protective". just pray for them, and have Faith, best defense we have. They'll be fine and love it I'm sure.


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