Monday, July 11, 2011

Kyle's Graduation

The Last of the Taylor Clan has graduated from Beech High School. One of us has been attending that school since the fall of 1998.  So for the past 14 years, one of us has been there.  Kyle is the last, the baby of the bunch.  Kinda ironic since he's Massive compared to the rest of our family.  He's taller than Chris now... INSANE. 

On a side note, My mama has also taught seminary for the past 10 years... My senior year was her first year as a teacher. Her goal (after the first few years) was to be able to teach until we were all done with High School... and she reached her goal.  She is now a Seminary Supervisor for the Madison Stake, and She'll rock that calling. Just a heads up that the Scripture Mastery Chase and graduation at the end of this year will kick BOO-TAY! Cause that's just how my mama does it!

Moving on... Seriously, Kyle TOWERS over the rest of us.
He's also the Family Clown... he's hilarious. 

 Kyle has been in Show Choir for the past few years.  All my brothers are so gifted when it comes to music. Kyle sang with the senior Choir at graduation.

 You can kinda see kyle in this next picture, he's the 4th guy in line waiting for his diploma!
 Walking across the stage.
A family joke... 

Kyle was also chosen to sing at his graduation.  This song was written by one of the students there at Beech...

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